Breakfasts Around The World: Igniting The Morning Person In You


Breakfast has the power to

make or break your day.


A good breakfast can charge up your mood and prep you to take on the day. A not-so-great breakfast can possibly dampen ’em spirits. With this most important meal of the day deciding the course of our day more often than we’d like to admit, we decided to scour the world for morning meals that conquered our eyes, hearts, and bellies – and bring to you breakfasts from around the world that’ll have you under a spell.



Pan de Mallorca

A Puerto Rican breakfast staple, Pan de Mallorca is a sweet and airy bread, which is usually accompanied by a side of freshly brewed coffee. We personally like it the croque-monsieur way. Croque-monsieur is the French name for a ham, cheese, and egg sandwich. The Latin American variation features the mallorca bread with a dusting of powdered sugar on top. The North American take on this features the sandwich dipped in egg and pan fried before being dusted with sugar.

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Cilbir, pronounced ‘chul-burr’, is a Turkish take on poached eggs. The eggs are topped with tempered butter which has been infused with Aleppo pepper, and served with a thick and creamy garlic yogurt. Prepared by the Ottomans in as early as the fifteenth century, it is a hearty preparation that takes one’s morning protein to the next level. A variation is also found in the city of Panagiursky in Bulgaria, a preparation which also adds salty and crumbly feta cheese to the dish.



A Salteña is a baked variant of an empanada and is believed to have been created by a woman named Juana Manuela Gorriti. She was exiled to Bolivia from her home town in Salta, Argentina. These fluffy stew filled delights can be found in streets all over Bolivia. There are vegetarian versions as well, which are usually filled with cheese or sautéed vegetables. These little pockets of dough make for a perfect for breakfast-to-go.



The Ukrainians have an interesting take on what we know as pancakes; a fried and creamy one at that. Made with quark, a type of fresh soft cheese, these hot delights are very popular across Eastern Europe. Syrniki is usually served with sour cream, fruit preserves, or honey.


Bhapa Pitha

Pitha is a type of rice cake popular in Bangladesh and eastern Indian states. Made from rice flour batter and stuffed with sweet or savoury fillings, pithas are one of the few dishes that are appropriate as both breakfast and dessert. There are all sorts of pitha available but the one to catch our eye is the Bhapa Pitha. It is a steamed variation and filled with jaggery, perfect for frosty winter mornings.


Stir-fried Shrimp and Eggs

While scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple around the world, the Cantonese region of China has given us one of the best variations of it so far - silky scrambled eggs, scallions, and tender shrimp. The dish has started to gain firm footing throughout the United States, becoming a staple at restaurants spotted across various Chinatowns across the country. When far from a Chinatown, the dish is still accessible as it takes about twenty minutes to put together. If you’re a lover of all-day breakfast, it is certainly a dish that you should have on your go-to list of preparations.



This New Orleans delicacy is comfort food at its best. Choux, and deep fried - it doesn’t get better than this! Dusted with powdered sugar and typically accompanied by café au lait, it’s the ideal morning pick-me-up (specially after an evening of one too many tipples). Try your hand at this treat yourself with this #DSSCRecommends recipe.



A traditional Bulgarian pastry, Banitsa is made using eggs, cheese, and filo pastry. This decadent delight is regarded as the Queen of Bulgarian cuisine, and is usually paired with plain yoghurt or boza (a special Bulgarian alcohol). As delish whether had hot or cold, Banitsa is our go-to for a laid back, hearty brekkie.


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