Top Spa Destinations In India: 5 Retreats For Your Wellness Vacation


A short getaway or a long vacation,

one element is staple across all travels

– peace of the mind, body, and soul.


For your next sojourn think beyond the one spa treatment you can pack into your chock-a-block schedule, and head to a spa destination instead. Take a pause for your own cause and make time for a wellness retreat. From the hills to the desert, #DSSCRecommends the top 5 spa vacations in India that will help you restore, re-energise, and refuel.


Vana, Uttarakhand

Vana Malsi Estate; Image:

Completing four years in 2018, Vana Malsi Estate has skyrocketed to becoming one of the top wellness properties in the world. Spiritual essence and luxury in equal measure, Vana brings to you a personalised experience to support you on the path of their core values of “search of equilibrium, learning and the inner journey”. Their doctors will help you with a wellness plan customised to your requirements, the staff is inconspicuous yet efficient, and the array of treatments range from Ayurvedic, Tibetan, Chinese, water therapy to Yoga and more. Nestled in Dehradun, you’ll wake up to the views of lush trees and hilltops, as you indulge in their culinary offerings – from Ayurvedic food to homemade ice cream, brioche to cakes, and cuisines from across the globe. Promising to not simply assist with immediate rejuvenation but help you work on goals, the mind and emotions in the long run, Vana is a treat of a retreat you mustn’t miss.


RAAS Devigarh, Rajasthan

Next time you’re headed to Udaipur, make a stop at RAAS Devigarh. Or not, the spa retreat deserves a trip of its own! Looking onto the Aravalli hills, the palace hotel weaves the historicity of 18th century with modernity of present day spa destinations in such a subtle manner that the contrast between the two phenomena doesn’t strike you even for a second. Unique 39 rooms, a slate-green swimming pool, an outdoor hot tub, a gym, 11 dining options, and a bar give you company while you soothe your senses at RAAS. The prompt staff recognises the need for personal space, take cue from the bed tea left outside your room after a mere knock. As you soak in the Yoga sessions, meditation, spa treatments, and wellness menus, let your physical and mental energies unwind and grow positive in sync.


Ananda, Uttarakhand

Tucked in the Sal forest at the foot of Himalayas, Ananda sits atop the Ganges and overlooks the city of Rishikesh. They prescribe tailored treatments for you, ranging from indigenous practices such as Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation to international ones like Aromatherapy. Spread across 25,000 sq. ft. with 24 rooms for spa therapy, their army of therapists, nutritionist, physicians, and fitness experts ensure you receive targeted programmes to achieve your rejuvenation goals. Their culinary offerings entail Ayurvedic gourmet cuisine, serving both – your health and ‘em tastebuds.


Atmantan, Maharashtra


Nestled in the Sahyadri mountains and looking onto the Mulshi lake is Atmantan. Between Mumbai and Pune, this spa destination focusses on healing and wellbeing from the inside and out. Experience Ayurveda, oriental acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang treatment, Pranic healing, and Aromatherapy, along with a multitude of beauty services. While specialty assist you in these treatments, take a step back from your hectic schedule with their hammam, open-colonics, and Balneotherapy. Their bistro, lounge, and restaurant will keep your culinary chronicles upbeat, while their philosophy of healing not simply on the outset but at a holistic level will have you roaring to take on everyday life on your return.


Coconut Lagoon, Kerala

Stepping foot in Coconut Lagoon will itself install a sense of calm in you. Coconut palms, backwaters, traditional Keralite cottages, and bird watching will transport you away from the hustle and into a serene spot. The ecologically conscious stay has a centre dedicated to Ayurvedic treatments, focussing solely on herbal treatments to help you destress. Their physicians will guide you towards the right therapy, and their three different dining spaces will help you refuel. Immerse yourself in the undisturbed environs of Lake Vembanad, relax with nature, and let Coconut Lagoon work its magic on you.


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