Shrikhand – a festive dish in Maharashtra, a popular accompaniment to pooris in Gujarat, and a common dessert in Karnataka, this delicacy has survived the test of time under various names. It’... Read More

Avocado Cream

We have an unconditional love for avocados, whether on toast, in salads, with eggs, or in smoothies and our admiration for the luscious fruit hasn’t reduced one bit. Presenting our current favourite... Read More


A traditional Cuban highball, Mojito is simple and simply divine. The refreshing combination of mint and citrus is apt for summers and revs you up even after the longest of days. Get the party going a... Read More

Cheese Soufflé

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Mac and Cheese

Nothing beats this classic when it comes to them comfort vibes, and Mac & Cheese with a crumb on top, is something we can’t resist. Indigo Deli has a way of swaying us with their creations and t... Read More