Sweetened cottage cheese made with dry fruits, Shufta is one of the richest desserts from the valley. The different textures of coconut, raisins, almonds, and cottage cheese make each bite unique. Coo... Read More

Methi Chaman

One of the most misidentified dishes in Kashmiri cuisine, Methi Chaman is often the confused with the green preparation that includes spinach – Palak Paneer and Ruangan Chaman which is red in co... Read More


Collard greens or haak are leafy vegetables Kashmiris eat everyday, when available. Maintaining the integrity of leafy greens, haak is a unique saag.Deceptively simple dish, it is very easily overcook... Read More

Vegan Omelette

Happy, sad, celebratory, or lazy, an omelette is a food for every mood. Whether you’re just beginning your vegan ventures, are a vegan veteran, or simply don’t enjoy eggs (the horror!) ... Read More

Baba Au Rhum

We love ourselves some indulgent desserts and when it’s a spongy yeast cake soaked in rum & sugar syrup, we just can’t say no. Baba au Rhum is one of the beloved desserts we stir-up on fancy d... Read More


We love ourselves some choux and even more when it’s deep-fried! Dusted with powdered sugar, beignets are ideal accompaniments for café au lait, making a perfect morning package. DSSC brings to you... Read More