Chickpea Yogurt Curry

You’ve had dahi ke kebab, you’ve had dahi aloo, it’s time for dahi chhole. Stir this Chickpea Yogurt Curry to relish a twist to the everyday dish.   Prep time: 30 minutes Caters to: 4 gobb... Read More


Shrikhand – a festive dish in Maharashtra, a popular accompaniment to pooris in Gujarat, and a common dessert in Karnataka, this delicacy has survived the test of time under various names. It’... Read More

Kombucha Tea

The effervescent, sweet & sour beverage, Kombucha aka the “Immortal Health Elixir”, is on the #DSSCRecommends list to beat the monsoon blues, meet the detox requirements, and greet the energiz... Read More

Baked Brie

It’s time to get cheesy! Who doesn’t like a cheese platter? Pop open that vino and get your night (or day) going with these ‘cracker’-jack Baked Brie platter variants.   Classic Baked Bri... Read More

Lamb Skewers

Always in the quest for balance between decadence and healthy, we can’t help but experiment with foods that bring this equilibrium to our palates and bellies (and heart). Lamb skewers with bell pepp... Read More