Summer Salads In Delhi That Perk You Up In The Sweltering Heat

Summers are at their peak, and also their torturous best. They bring along juicy fruits and repetitive vegetables, often making one hunt high and low for refreshing foods that please the palate. Well cue the drumroll for summer salads offered by restaurants in #OurCity that make for refreshing meals to perk one up on sultry days. Enjoy these platefuls that add a riot of colour to your meal or make an entire meal out of these. Chefs from across the city have spoiled us for choice; #DSSCRecommends salads that slay Delhi summer’s unceasing onslaught in style.


Trio of Melon Salad at Perch

In the summer, we often find find ourselves fetching a spot at Perch. Their clean, minimalist interiors and laid back vibe helps work up an appetite in the midst of the sultry weather. A salad tossed up using our favourite summer fruit melons, is our go-to pick at Perch. The light and refreshing Trio Of Melon Salad comes with dabs of feta cheese, a sprinkle of pine nuts, and basil aioli. These delicious morsels of summer fruit are all you need to cool down.

Drop in at: 71, Khan Market, New Delhi and at 18-A, Basant Lok Market, Vasant Vihar


Black Quinoa, Beetroot, and Spinach Salad at Shibuya Food & Bar

Black Quinoa, Beetroot and Spinach Salad

This wormhole to Japan in Delhi takes patrons on an exciting gastronomical journey. We’ve had the pleasure of dining at Shibuya Food & Bar, and recommend you do too. This summer, the kitchen helmed by Hanisha Singh brings to the table a delicious Black Quinoa, Beetroot, and Spinach Salad with their signature Japanese gomae dressing that lends the preparation an Asian twist. A colourful sprinkle of  pomegranate pearls provides an elegant finishing touch to the salad, which looks just as invigorating as it tastes.

While you’re here, don’t forget to grab a bite of their Surf and Turf Roll for a true Japanese treat. Get ready for an exquisite dining experience with their ever-welcoming staff and, of course, the fresh and finger-licking food.

Drop in at: M-63, First Floor,  Greater Kailash Part II


Madison Square Salad at Fig & Maple

Making departure from the over-done and embellished interiors in restaurants these days, Fig & Maple is a treat for the tired eyes. Set in a welcoming space, we reach out for Radhika Khandelwal’s Madison Square Salad. Succulent cucumbers, tender watermelons, and vibrant beets come together in perfect merriment to make for a thirst-quenching summer delight. Another great pick is the signature Fig & Maple salad come rain or shine, it always brings a smile to our face. With watermelon and mint juice on the side, you’ll have the right armour to #BeatTheHeat!

Drop in at: M-27, Greater Kailash II


Guppy House Salad at Guppy

Guppy House Salad

The light and playful interiors of Guppy sublimate the sense of a fun meal ahead. We love how Guppy incorporates fresh and seasonal ingredients into their menu. Seasonal crunchy vegetables, heart of palm, and bamboo shoots in a youthful yellow karashi mustard dressing come together to form the Guppy House Salad. The salad presents a taste of summer with each mouthful. Top off your meal and please your sweet tooth with Guppy’s signature Matcha Pudding. Revitalise your senses with a fun summer meal at this modern wonderland and power up to face Delhi summer.

Drop in at: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony


Waldorf Salad at Salad Days

Waldorf Salad

Salad Days is our go-to for a healthy gourmet bowl delivered to our doorstep. Our summer pick is their Waldorf Salad, which is cooling even on the hottest of days. Apples, candied walnuts, grapes, celery, garden fresh lettuce, and fresh mint leaves with a low-fat yogurt based dressing to complement the diverse fruity flavours. With their variety of fresh juices to accompany the salad, you have the apt summer meal. With a promise of minimum calories, Salad Days gives us a guilt-free, delicious afternoon!

Salad Days is a unique venture that goes the extra mile to package your food perfectly, so your salad is not just a meal but an experience.

Drop in at: Contact 9643800901 to place an order.


Melon & Winterbor at Olive Bar & Kitchen

A tasteful Mediterranean hideaway, Olive Bar & Kitchen brings together music, art, food, and drinks in a delightful melange. To break away from the monotony of the everyday, we often escape to this Mediterranean haven for a refreshing summer bite. The menu at Olive Bar & Kitchen is diverse and every dish is subtly innovative. However, one of their salads, which tops our healthy-summer-treats list is the Melon and Winterbor that is dedicated to the beautiful Spanish Sangria. An amalgamation of Sangria preserved melons is draped by a smooth juniper sherry reduction and served with citrus sangria jelly, Manchego, and melon seed tuile for texture. Whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner; we recommend you pair your meal with their zestful Sangria, for a truly utopian summer spread.

Drop in at: One Style Mile, Haveli no. 6-8, Kalkadas Marg, Mehrauli


Let’s have a one in a ‘melon’ summer!