Eid Feast With A Twist: 4 Recipes To Amp Up The Festival Flavour

A rejuvenating drink, some bread to lap up your savoury curry and an authentic frozen dessert to end on a sweet note. Kick off your Eid the right way with our balanced and refreshingly different menu, offering not only a rich eating experience but also a satisfying cooking spree. Celebrate the unsung heroes of the Islamic flavour-dom, as #DSSCRecommends  four glorious recipes to make your evening meal a resounding hit.


Date shake

Image: peacefuldumpling.com

Made up of the dense sweet fruit traditionally eaten to mark the end of Ramadan, we bring a fun version to not only compliment custom but also to appropriately #BeatTheHeat. A nectarous shake doubling as a protein rich mix, this quick-to-make and quicker-to-finish energising batch of happiness needs to flood your fridge this summer.

Pour yourself a glass of this ambrosial concoction. And then pour some more.

Shake things up with this recipe.



Image: archanaskitchen.com

Popular in the Middle East, Central Asia as well as in parts of the Indian subcontinent, Haleem is a humble meal of filling and simple lentils coupled with a richly flavored aromatic lamb. To be eaten with customary breads, naans or even rotis, this is the perfect dose of savoury to feast on shamelessly!

Step-by-step instructions to your feast here.



Image: zeinaskitchen.se

Out of the many different types of breads made for the festival, one of the best is the immortal Bolani. With a crisp outer shell and a warm delicious surprise stuffed into its body, it can be consumed as an independent meal or even a complimentary dish to accompany the  various lavish curries that flow within the Islamic tradition. More than a glorified stuffed parantha, the fat flatbread stretches all the way from Afghanistan and into our carefully curated carte du jour.

Gather your F&F and break bread with this recipe.



Pulling away from the typical Kheer, Sewaiyan, and Sheer Khuram, we move into a Persian ice cream that captures all the sweet notes you look for in a conventional Eid dessert. Killing two birds with one stone, celebrate Meethi Eid and combat the fiery summer with a huge icy scoop of the fragrant Bastani. Historically scarfed down by the Persian royals, and even a cruising Alexander the Great, this opulent gelato promises a delicious conclusion to your gorgeous meal.

Recipe for sweet-nothings to conclude your Eid feast.


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