Summer Superfoods: Power Yourself Through Summer

Power through the searing summer months with these five nutrient-dense summer foods that help stave off body heat and replenish staggering energy levels. #DSSCRecommends these superfoods that pack in health benefits aplenty, and help you soar past your daily vitamin and mineral intake goals. Unlike blueberries, salmon, acai, goji berries, et al, these fruits are easily accessible  at local vendors near you. Try them this summer for a megadose of good health.


Coconut Water

There isn’t anything better than good old coconut water to simultaneously load up on minerals and quench thirst. The sweet elixir obtained from tender coconuts goes a long way in nourishing your parched summer soul. It contains electrolytes that help keep hydration levels up, and such vital minerals as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium. When you’re done sipping this cooling drink, don’t forget to request the vendor to break open the coconut and scoop out the delicious tender coconut meat (also a powerhouse of nutrients).



Pick red tomatoes from the vegetable cart to add an abundant supply of antioxidant-rich Lycopene to your summer diet. Lycopene is believed to alleviate memory loss and it can also help protect skin from UV rays damage. They are also a good source of such vital minerals as vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K. Enough reasons to ensure a good dose of red tomatoes in your diet? Add the versatile summer fruit to your salad bowl, make a chilled soup, or prepare a tomato sauce to dunk in your pasta.


Wood Apple


Wood apples, commonly known as bel, can be seen being hawked on carts in #OurCity as the temperature soars. Vendors scoop out the delicious pulp and juice it to make a sherbet, though the pulp can be eaten on its own as well. This superfood can be immensely beneficial for the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems. It also provides you nutrients such as calcium, fiber, protein, phosphorus, and iron. A word of caution: consume bel in moderate quantities as excessive intake can cause flatulence.




They’re delicious and they’re packed with antioxidants. Who can resist the deep red, luscious cherries when in season, especially after learning of the plethora of potential health benefits —- from fighting inflammation to boosting the immune system — they proffer. The stone fruit is also rich in vitamin C and potassium that work together to give your skin a lovely summer glow. Cherry juice, cherry pies, or the whole cherry  by the box…bring it on!


Java Plums

Image:  The Indigenous Bartender

Nothing says ‘summer’ like a bowl full of mouth puckering java plums (jamun). The humble fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, in addition to containing oodles of antioxidants and fibre. Jamun could also help alleviate digestive issues and heart ailments, can be beneficial for diabetics, improve oral health, and increase production of haemoglobin et al. This sweet and astringent fruit comes from an evergreen tropical tree and is typically enjoyed in the form of syrups, juices, and sorbets. We enjoy ours straight up, rolled in rock salt. Give it a try!


Go ahead, stock up the pantry, and pile up your plates.


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