Epigamia: The Lactose-Free Artisanal Curd For All Your ‘Gut Wrenching’ Problems

An uneasy state of mind or an unwell state of being, how often do you find out that it links back to your gut? Answer: Shockingly regular. Over the past few decades, the quest of capitalisation in the F&B market has, perhaps unintentionally, yet surely divorced nutrition from food. However, recent times have witnessed the industry and the consumers recognise this increasing gap, and effect processes to bring back health and nutrition to what we eat. What this has resulted in is the gradual moving back to traditional insight on ill health – and making the connect between a healthy gut and healthy being.

As a child, you may have heard, and even scoffed at your mother and grandmother’s shooting question for any ailment being ‘is your stomach functioning fine?’. The tables have turned and it’s their time to smirk (okay, they won’t, they love their kids too much) as medical practitioners are beginning to support the notion that a healthy gut calls for a healthy body and mind. With our gut hosting 100 trillion bacterial cells, i.e., 10 times the human cells, it is only fitting that ingesting good bacteria into the body beckons not only a healthy digestive system but also a strong immune system. As Dr. Elizabeth Hohmann states in a Harvard Medical School post, “When the gut is happy, you are happy.”

One of the major modern ailments to burden the gut is lactose intolerance. The inability to digest lactose – a kind of sugar found in dairy products – affects a large part of the population, and often goes unnoticed as we’re told to consume dairy products for strengthening our system. However, with people identifying the condition and seeking to prioritise their health, the food industry has also complied and come up with various products that aid you in receiving the nutrition dairy imparts, whilst avoiding the pain of frequent indigestion suffered by those who’re lactose intolerant (think bloating, stomach pain, diarrhoea).

It is no surprise then that we went looking for a food that is gut-friendly and lactose-free. Enter Epigamia. Their lactose-free artisanal curd offers the familiar flavour of homemade dahi, but none of the tummy troubles that come with this sugar type. So what you’re left with is the goodness of healthy bacteria sans the lactose. We were chuffed to find out about the usage of cow milk for the making of this curd, which also happens to be loaded with probiotics. With the on-the-go lifestyle and chemicals being put in our mouth with each tipple & nibble (like it or not, that happens to be the harsh reality), the little cup (or the big one!) of Epigamia artisanal curd is our newest friend to help that gut health kicking. All hail the #DailyDoseWithNoLactose!

Sharing our love for this curd, we move beyond the much-loved smoothies and dips and bring to you two top-notch recipes to whip up with your next Epigamia hoarding sesh. #DSSCRecommends you try these twists on the usual recipes:

  • Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake: A cheesecake that adds a health punch and is lactose free? Yes, it exists! Make this Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake to get your fix of that no-bake-cake. Find the recipe here.
  • Chickpea Yogurt Curry: You’ve dahi ke kebab, you’ve had dahi aloo, it’s time for dahi chhole. Stir this Chickpea Yogurt Curry to relish a twist to the everyday dish. Find the recipe here.


Featured Image Courtesy: stylecraze.com