Atul Sikand Reveals The Secrets To Sikandalous Cuisine

He’s created a food group that gets folks tossin’ across the country. He’s helped build the capital’s first Asian food festival – Asian Hawkers Market. And he runs a farm where he takes his famous kitchen experiments to the next octave. Meet Atul Sikand, Director at AHM and Administrator & Owner of food group Sikandalous Cuisine. Counted among #OurCity’s topmost culinary moguls, the gent claims, “I dream & live food”, a fact that shines through even in your first encounter with him.

As Sikand continues to take forward the cause of building an engaging food community, we track his gastronomic innovations and bring to you a sneak peek into this epicure’s fridge with #DSSCFridgeDiaries.

DSSC Atul Sikand AHM

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