Scorpio Horoscope: What’s Your Food Destiny Of The Month?

The time of the Scorpio is here! Although, with the limelight you garner, when is it not? As winter announces its arrival with that nip in the air, it also begets the phase of hibernation – this once not just for our furry friends, but your professional and well being prospects too. Dame Destiny turns the tables on your signature mysterious tag, putting your good fortune in the incubation stage. While your work life may not see a turning point at the moment, know that every little drop is adding towards actioning one in the near future, so keep calm and work that Scorpion charm. Whilst your health will be a pillar of strength, be sure not to ignore even the minutest of issues, as those may snowball into making you a not-so-well being. Wing your strong will this month and you shall come out all smiles, and the never-ending support from loved doesn’t sting either.

#DSSCFoodHoroscope, balancing the yin with your yang, we bring to you the word of the food lords. They’re keen observers of the dance of the planets, a pirouette here and a plié there, and they know exactly what you need to surround yourself with good chi. We use their insights on your horoscope to carefully craft #GoodVibesOnly recommendations, follow these to the T and you’ll have a birth month that never looked as promising.


DSSC Food Horoscope tells the story of your stars for your birth month. Our tips will help you tackle the tricks of the horoscope, and while you do the destiny dance, we suggest you forget not to carry a bagful of salt.