Mr. Mamagoto: Mamagoto’s Cousin Is Here To Take You On A Hawker Ride

Did you know Mamagoto has a secret quirky cousin? Well, look who’s emerged and making his rounds around the social circuit, complete with sophisticated goofiness and a rather experimental streak. Full marks to the gent for perfect timing, after all, if not Diwali season then when do we love mingling with F&F the most (or, at all)? Getting the whiff of this new Asian brasserie in Gurgaon, we scooted off to CyberHub to get a bite off this new kid on the Mamagoto block.

Stepping in, the striking green hued bar set against mellow yellow walls got a nod from our inner decor diva. As the quintessential nonconformist Mamagoto art surrounded us, we perched ourselves on the comfiest couch to get acquainted with this Asian brasserie. Wasting no time to make introductions, we pitched for their Kiwi Mint Collins, Lemon Zest Mint Lemonade, and Kaffir & Cranberry Lime Punch (yes, you guessed it, they await their alcohol licence) – three refreshing drinks that’ll charge up a work night in one swig.

With our energy meter pumped to double-shot espresso levels, we paved the way for an evening of culinary craft with the Thai Puchka. A crisp & crunchy shell filled with betel leaf, peanuts, onion, lime, with roasted coconut crumble, red chili, and ginger sauce on the side, this gol gappa was a delightful firework of flavours. Each ingredient lead to the next in a seamless fashion to form a well-balanced melange, making this a palate-rollercoaster we’d queue up for. Taking over was the Smoked Chicken Taco, crispy smoked chicken and goat cheese in a soft taco shell. Whilst the chicken hit the perfect coalition of being crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside, it lacked the said and much-desired smokiness. The goat cheese was a delectable blend of tart & creamy, and the green chili mayo on the side amped up the flavour. Pulling us in its direction next was the Burmese Curry Pulled Pork Bao. With a ringing medley of herbs and a subtle hint of kaffir lime, the pork was tender, albeit not ‘pulled’ enough, adding a resisting chew to each bite. However, the bao bun was soft and fluffy as can be, and smooth to chomp at, ringing in bao-nie points for the dish.

Thai Puchka

Next we greeted the Baked Prawn With Thai Infused Oil, topped with béchamel sauce & cheese, and a side salad. The sizeable prawns made quite an appearance, proving to be a delight for the Instagram junkies (also called, Digital Media Executives) at the table. The meat was succulent and tender, with the knife sliding through it like a butter slab at 47.5 celsius. The creamy béchamel sauce packed in the never-fail cheesy punch to the preparation, while the cuisine-hero kaffir lime made another distinct appearance (not that we’re complaining). The side salad on the other hand, could have done with a notch less of drizzled oil on the greens, and pickled vegetables instead of garden-fresh ones. Lined up next for us to shake hands with was the Asian Quiche, a mushroom quiche with a red curry reduction and side salad. The top cheese layer had us in one mouthful, however, left us wanting for more. While we hoped for more cheesiness, we were met by uneven mushroom cuts, refusing to lend their flavour to the taste buds. The crust, though crumbling easily, ebbed on the drier side, and had us reaching out for ‘em mocktails more than we should have.

As we drew close to kissing au revoir to our rendezvous with Mr. Mamagoto, we mingled with our last guests of the evening, the Bread & Butter Pudding and the Coconut Two Ways. The pudding was a favourite across the table (bread + butter + cinnamon – we were sold), the seemingly simple dish was baked skillfully and topped with caramelized pineapple – carrying a crackle that can make heads turn. And if you happen to be the proud owner of a sweet tooth, Coconut Two Ways is the way to go. Coconut ice-cream drizzled with coconut caramel sauce (aka primary donor of coco flavour here), crunchy peanut brittle and water chestnut rubies on the side; this dessert will take you to coconut heaven, whether you’re loco about the the nut or not. We did note here that the ice-cream texture leaned towards icy more than creamy, however the class-overachiever, aka the coconut caramel sauce artfully diverted our attention from the consistency.

Burmese Curry Pulled Pork Bao

As Mamagoto’s tad bit sophisticated and quirkier cousin brings Asian hawker fare to the table, he promises to experiment and reinvent the known, and take the plunge into unexplored culinary adventures. As you make your way to Mr. Mamagoto, be sure to also make your way through their array of dishes and find your calling, for there’s a dish for everyone on this menu – the Mister does not disappoint!


Head over to Mr. Mamagoto, 102, CyberHub, Gurgaon and lose wallet weight equivalent to Rs. 2,500 for two (approx.).