Libra Horoscope: What’s Your Food Destiny This Month?

Welcome to your birth month, Libran. The stars have choreographed a destiny dance just to match your zodiac this October. The most balanced of all signs (well, in theory, at least), the tides of your horoscope follow suit and go high & low, but ultimately reach that Libran balance. With Jupiter in your house for the first half of the month, the good luck scales are tipping in your favour in all spheres – personal, professional, health, and finance. However, that is offset by minor glitches – if the cash registers are set ringing, you might feel stagnated at your workplace; your relationship can be strained, but it will help you come out with a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’, your well being may be under duress, but can be prevented if you take care. You see, O’Libran, it is the balance you need to maintain within, which will translate into your life. So shed the lazy, welcome Jupiter with a warm smile, and scale ‘em tides with your signature composure.

#DSSCFoodHoroscope brings to you the word of the food lords. They’re keen observers of the dance of the planets, a pirouette here and a plié there, and they know exactly what you need to surround yourself with good chi. We use their insights on your horoscope to carefully craft #GoodVibesOnly recommendations, follow these to the T and you’ll have a birth month that never looked as promising.


DSSC Food Horoscope tells the story of your stars for your birth month. Our tips will help you tackle the tricks of the horoscope, and while you do the destiny dance, we suggest you forget not to carry a bagful of salt.


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