Zoe Modgill: Top Tips On Staying Fit This Monsoon

Zoe Collington Modgill – If that name doesn’t ring a (dumb)bell, you’ve been living in a cave. Studio 60’s ferociously fit co-founder who is hustling  Delhi to get fit, Modgill has been stirring up a storm in #OurCity ever since opening doors of her boutique fitness studio in Kailash Colony. Pumped after a sneak peek into the fridge of this health goddess, we bring to you the exclusive DSSC x Zoe Modgill Stay Fit Series – a monthly feature where Modgill dishes out ace tips to get you grooving to her training tunes.

Showcasing her healthy-eating policy that encourages mindful indulgences and military-level dedication towards a holistic lifestyle, Modgill shares her ace tips to keep the monsoon woes at bay. Whilst masala chai and chocolate almond cookies constitute Modgill’s cheat eats when the rain starts to pour, seasonal fruits like pomegranate & mangoes is what you’ll find on her plate most often. Catching up over green tea, Modgill shares her top tips on balancing the workout and indulgences this season.

P.S: The DSSC team has been asked to do a 1000 squats whilst she pens down her first column for us.


Equilibrium, Equilibrium, Equilibrium

Balanced, fresh, and healthy – one should eat everything that ticks these boxes! My diet includes a mix of proteins, healthy fats, and carbs, that remain consistent with all-year round foods that fuel the body. However, with rains pouring hard, a little more caution and selectivity fare well for your body. Constantly warding off allergens, infections, and indigestion issues, our immunity diminishes during the monsoons, in turn making us more prone to these illnesses.

While my diet doesn’t change dramatically, I do keep in mind that even though rain brings relief from the hot sun, they come with their own health risks. And the humidity is no friend either, further reducing our digestive capabilities.


Image: servingjoy.com; Lychees to boost immunity this monsoon

Ingredients To Boost Immunity

Immunity boosters need to be part of your everyday diet, and seasonal fruits like apples are must to replenish energy.

  • There is no superfood like water – keep chugging, and then chug some more! Even when you’re not feeling thirsty, keep hydrating to avoid a drop in immunity.
  • Green tea is another no-brainer. The health benefits have been widely documented and range from improved brain function to lower risk of cancer. Given the season, I know we Indians love our milky, sugary chai – but this is a healthier substitute. And today, we are spoiled for choice! Organic green tea products ranging from strawberry to peach flavours are available, it no longer needs to be bitter. Whether you enjoy ginger, pepper, honey, mint, or basil, herbal teas loaded with antibacterial properties can work wonders.
  • Lychees, other than being gobsmacking delicious, help boost our immune system & digestion, build stronger bones, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and optimise metabolic activities, all leading to assisting with weight loss. If this doesn’t have you convinced enough to stock your fridge right away, they also help your skin in this weather. So, definitely indulge in this seasonal fruit! Just remember ‘indulge’ still means maintaining a balance.
  • Keeping lychee company is peach, loaded with Vitamin A & C, this seasonal fruit not only amps up your hair & skin game, but is also smooth on the palate.
  • Dairy in the monsoon can be a tricky affair, with all the risks of water contamination and so forth. But a great substitute to make up for that possible loss of calcium is tofu. Not only a good source of protein, it also contains all eight essential amino acids. An excellent source of iron and calcium, get your rich dose of tofu today.


Stock Up On ‘Em Green Leafies – Not!

Monsoons leave our food beliefs upside down and foods usually perceived as healthy are to be avoided!

  • “Eat your veggies” – an instruction we’re all well aware of, owing to the importance of eating leafy vegetables for health. However, during monsoons, these are best left aside. The humid air leaves them highly susceptible to germs and bugs. And when you do consume them, ensure the vegetables are thoroughly washed through and cooked well.
  • Also the season for fish & prawn breeding, monsoon means you must be extra careful with seafood. Stick to chicken or mutton (or like me, eat fish when you’re sure it’s the freshest variety and cook it all the way through).  


Dance (Or Workout) Away The Monsoon Blues  

Don’t let the rains make you lazy and keep up that exercise regime. Sweat out that extra moisture and potentially harmful bacteria to stay healthy.

For me, a solid session of cardio is the Jump Rope. You can do it anywhere and there’s nothing like dancing to the tunes with that skipping rope! Add rain to this mix, and you have a trio that leaves you with memorable experiences – very recently I had such an experience and it was beautiful. Follow this up with some bodyweight exercises such as pushups and squats – and of course, some intense stretching at the end.


The World Of Monsoon Munchies Beyond Pakoras

Fruits, nuts, and raisins, mixed with yoghurt and honey, make for the best snacks. It’s so convenient and delish – you can have it anytime!


So get chomping!


Pumping up #OurCity, Studio 60 co-founder, Zoe Modgill is a force to reckon with. The fitness goddess dishes out ace tips in this exclusive DSSC X Zoe Modgill Stay Fit series, to train you to her tones.