Theatre Groups Setting Delhi Stage On Fire

With budding gems and fresh productions taking stage every week in #OurCity, the thespian arts are now viewed with increased audience sensitivity and curiosity. The evolution, slow yet significant, has left Delhi enchanted and strengthening this growth in the capital city are four theatre groups, delivering ace performances, one after another. #DSSCRecommends four stellar groups, setting Delhi theatres on fire, one act at a time.


Kshitij Theatre Group

Established in 1987, Kshitij was founded by National School of Drama graduates to promote Indian art & culture. Over the years, plays like Biyaban Mein Ugtey Kinshuk, Sabse Bada Dharma, and Main Hoon Na…. (In Time & Space) have been awarded Best Theatre Performance Of The Year by Sahitya Kala Parishad (cultural wing of the Government of Delhi). Known for pushing the envelope and stepping out of traditional theatre boundaries, they boast of opportunities and latitude for experimentation for the young talent. Adding to the mix, the array of genres taken up by this group, Kshitij become a master of the craft. With a touch of contemporary to the classics, your dose of Delhi drama is incomplete without a slice of Kshitij.


Asmita Theatre Group


The launch of Asmita in 1933, has a story replete with dramatics equivalent to the ones scripted for stage. The lead actor refusing to go up on stage for the very first production, much resembled a film from the era; Rescuing the damsel in distress, in this case Asmita, director Arvind Gaur filled the empty shoes. Standing true to the saying in the industry, The Show Must Go On, the play went on stage as scheduled and wooed the city despite the hurdles. The group has since grown multifold and changed Delhi’s perspective towards theatre with bold, social, and political messages. Many regard the group as a movement and their plays Ambedkar Aur Gandhi, Court Martial, Final Solutions etc., have received acclaim, tinted with negative reception at times. Breaking down the distance between the audience and the actor, Gaur takes the stage post performances to discuss various aspects of the play and host a behind the curtains preview.

Catch their upcoming play, 30 Days in September, on July 23, 2017.


Urban Suburban Productions

An all women led theatre production, Urban Suburban is captivating Delhi with their powerful plays. Founded in 2010 by the fantastic five – Arati Singh, Farah Singh, Ruby Kapoor, Sumita Tayal, and Vanessa Ohri; Urban Suburban is getting critical recognition for its original scripts that deal with socially relevant women centric issues aiming to voice the unsaid. One of their latest plays, Fly High Firefly!, has garnered appreciation from even the most sceptical critics. With a belief that there is an actor within each individual, the team of Urban Suburban prides itself on teeming performers from all walks of life. With a keen focus on social responsibility, this stellar production group donates part of the production proceeds towards deserving causes, like breast cancer.


Dramatech Theatre Group


A self-proclaimed amateur with over three decades worth experience, Dramatech Theatre Group was founded in 1984 by IIT alumnus S. Sanyal, Rakesh Gupta, and Deepak Gidwani. Showcasing raw and earthy experiences with uniquely indulgent performances, they have staged 42 productions till date. Recently, gaining critical acclaim for furthering experimental music in theatre, their scripts are laced with comical accents. Believing everyone should be able to enjoy the craft, their productions are showcased in both English & Hindi. Adding a mix of comic in the productions, their acclaimed productions, Fiddler On The Roof and The Weekend Cocktail, left the audience rolling in rounds of laughter while delving into melodies.

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