Fio Cookhouse & Bar Is Jamming Up Fridays All July

Uninterrupted tipples, smashing nibbles, live music, and stellar company; welcome to our ideal Friday night. Famous in the city for their chock-a-block Saturday nights, Fio is expanding their musical repertoire to encourage the growing live-music landscape of the capital city. The curious cats that we are, we head over to Fio Cookhouse & Bar to find out all there is to know about their latest #NewInTown property, July Jam Fridays. As they’re stirring up a storm and taking things up a notch, we bring you an exclusive scoop on their ace line-up showcasing Delhi’s indie music prowess.

Breaking freshly baked bread with Vanshika Wadhwa, Director, Fio Restaurants, we discuss the evolving music landscape in the capital, “With increased audience-sensitivity, diversity in genres, and flourishing young talent, the Delhi music scene has evolved slowly, yet immensely in the past four years. We wish to showcase exactly that and bring our love of live-music to life at Nehru Place,” shares the lady with razor-sharp F&B knowledge. With a carefully curated roster, the line boasts names like Tanya Nambiar, BollyJazz, The Copycats and Bhavya Raj Collective. She walks us through the space that is being revamped to accommodate live acoustics and is excited to share, “We have planned our space such that the artist is well-positioned to engage and there are also cosy corners cut away where you get privacy to be by yourself.”

Image:; Vanshika Wadhwa

Known for it’s spiffy interiors and easily one of the most heartwarming Italian fare, Fio Cookhouse is one of the few spaces in the capital that effortlessly transforms from a effervescent dining space into a buzzing bar. With the sister-establishment (at Garden of Five Senses) being a labour of love of Vineet Wadhwa, daughter Wadhwa has injected an international freshness to the concept that has proven to appeal to varied segments across the board. Mirroring her father’s personable style of hosting, Wadhwa talks about exploring genres of music but ensuring an underlying thread, “We definitely want to maintain the idea of coming to have a good time at Fio – that’s never going to change. Within that vibe itself, we want to try artists with varying styles for something a little different, each weekend.”

Debunking the “hit formula” where Friday nights are meant for endless shots and electronic music, a host of young restaurateurs are challenging the traditional format of entertaining. Moving away from the TGIF turntable-routine to relaxed live-music; Vanshika explains, “We are making a switch with the style, but we aren’t changing the idea of having a good time. Relaxed live music has a charm of it’s own and definitely something that’s making a comeback in the city. We felt it was the right time for us to diversify our music portfolio, and this is very well-timed with the overall trend too.”

When asked if the menu at Fio has also welcomed the live and new, Wadhwa is quick to answer with a stirring “We have just added some new dishes on the menu. I personally recommend the Silken Coco Fish, Hot Naples Chicken & London Dry Betel cocktail.” Having raised our expectations sky high for the ongoing month, the team at Fio promises August to be bigger. “We have more fun things coming up with our August Jam! It is going to be deliciously musical, stay tuned,” chuckles Wadhwa.

July Jam Fridays roster:

7 July: Tanya Nambiar

14 July: The Copycats

21 July: Bhavya Raj Collective

28 July: Bollyjazz


Stevie’s Top Tip: There for supper or not, do not leave the premises without ordering the famous Cookhouse Salad.

For reservations: Call 011 2628 1026 and make your way to the stunning space at Epicuria Mall (Nehru Place)


Featured Image Courtesy: Zomato