Stevie’s Sunday Brunch

A Sunday well spent brings in an amazing week, and what better way to spend the day than indulging in culinary capers with your closest peeps. Those are all things DSSC knows a thing or ten about – indulgence, culinary, capers, and also keeping the cloche on things. But this is one secret we’re happy to share. Presenting Stevie’s favourite Sunday Brunch menu. With some easy to make and some adventurous recipes, you’ll have a ball of a time prepping this spread with your F&F. #DSSCRecommends brunch recipes that’ll make your Sunday go from zero to hero.

We must commence with Mimosas because brunch without tipples is an ordinary brekkie. Make your Sunday extra special by creating a DIY bar with sparkling wine or champagne and the amazing fruits #OurCity has to offer right now – mango, litchi, pomegranate, melons – orange juice, aamras, grape juice, and some refreshing mint. Keep a bunch of glasses out (nowhere is it written that we must use a champagne flute) and let the festivities begin!


Stevie’s Sunday brunch menu:


Crusty French Bread

Now that you’re ready to break bread (see what we did there), the crusty french loaf is the way to go. The soft centre & crusty exterior coupled with the aroma that’ll remind you of your favourite bakery in Paris will bring many a smiles around the table.

Since you’ll be enjoying this meal with your loved ones, it’s only fair to call on those close to Monsieur Bread – the uber alluring Avocado Cream, the groovy Bacon Jam, and the convivial Chilli Apple Jam.

#DSSCTopTip: Prep the spreads & jam in advance and reduce your workload on Sunday.


Sage & Maple Pork Patties

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. That’s luscious pork patties for you. Need we say more? Didn’t think so.

Breeze through the remainder of the meal with some Red Wine Granita. The bright & fruity bites will set you up right for the creativity that’s going to follow in the kitchen.


Ham & Cheese French Toast

Ham – good. Cheese – good. French toast – good. Add all three and you have a comfort dish that can make your mornings spectacular in 173 seconds. When you combine that joyful feeling with the stellar combo of ham & cheese your taste buds are going to be forever grateful  for that outstanding ride.

#DSSCTopTip: Not a ham person? Amp it up with extra cheese, or throw in some finely chopped spring onion to the egg mix.


Cheese Soufflé

For all those risk-takers out there, it’s time to turn around because this is a sure-shot recipe! Soufflé can be temperamental and only the adventurous would attempt it, but when you do it’s absolutely worth it. If you ace it, it’s safe to say that this Cheese Soufflé will be the crowning jewel of your brunch table.


Chocolate Banana Bread

Dessert is crucial irrespective of time, day or decade. Combining our two favourites, banana bread and chocolate, this acer of a dessert is a must-have on all brunch tables. Easy to make and quick to disappear, it leaves smiling faces as you wrap up.


Bon appétit!

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