Haveli Dharampura: Delhi’s Gem For Food, Art & Culture

When a Haveli boasting of grandeur is left in the hands of time, often what is left is an air reminiscent of the laughter that once echoed across its halls and smiles stolen in its corners. Hidden amidst one of the most culturally rich markets in #OurCity – Chandni Chowk, one such Haveli was cracking & crumbling under the encumbrance of eras gone by. Carved in buff and red sandstone in 1887, the magnificent facade which stood proud with tall arches, had a once-bustling courtyard now turned into an empty space. But the sands of time sifted and it was the Haveli’s moment to shine bright once again: Enter Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Goel and his son, Siddhant Goel, who set out to restore its Mughal glory in association with Heritage India. Now rehabilitated, the Haveli in Dharampura is reminiscent of the capital city’s cultural roots, Delhi-6 charm, and rich with food, art, culture.

Lakhori Restaurant

Encapsulating the values of the walled city, the Haveli boasts of an enchanting view of Red Fort, Jama Masjid, and the encircling markets. The restoration initially planned for six months took over six years, with every nook brought back to life. Now alluring Delhiites with an insight into the days of Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi), Goel Sahab Ki Haveli offers historically enriching experiences. Standing true to the saying, “The man who finds residence in the city of Shahjahanabad leads a happy life,” a day spent here is bound to leave you with a beaming smile.

Bringing street food significant of the Late Mughal era to our tables, their restaurants – Lakhori & Rooftop, boast of an amalgamation of classic Indian flavours with a touch of modern Indian cuisine and artful presentation. While the à la carte menu has gems like tomato shorba, rogan josh, and phirni, #DSSCRecommends a table at their ongoing kebab festival. The festival brings these indulgent delicacies to limelight and whilst there’s no debate the street food in Old Delhi is not to be missed, it holds equally true when dining at the Haveli’s restaurant – Lakhori, kebab it up to celebrate the DSSC way.

Cultural Arts at Haveli Dharampura

It’s not just the great cuisine that the Haveli is bringing back, it also serves up the vibrant art & culture of the bygone era. The ethnic ambience replete with grand wooden doors, iron and copper trimmings, and intricate designs comes alive with hindustani classical music and kathak dance performances. Tabla, sitar, qawwali, and kathak were a pivotal part of the life in Shahjahanabad and Haveli Dharampura is Delhi’s way to relive those times. The well-designed balconies and majestic chabutras (platforms) are now used for the purpose of hosting performances. The days when lazy afternoons were spent on the roof with fresh air, friendly competition, kites soaring high, and cups of chai, are brought to life at this Haveli with their kite-flying sessions.

Architecture, food, arts, Goel Sahab Ki Haveli is a journey into the past of #OurCity and the gems that evaded the city for years are now celebrated with grandeur and magnificence.

Make a reservation at 011-23261000 and head to 2293, Gali Guliyan, Dharampura, Delhi-6.


#DSSCTopTip: Book yourself a table at the Rooftop restaurant for supper during the kebab festival and savour the meal with a view of the city celebrating Ramadan.


Image Courtesy: Haveli Dharampura

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