Beam & Words Trio Plugs-in The Vacation Playlist You Can’t Miss

We bring to you the topcat founding trio of Beam & Words - Abhinav Rajput, Arjun Guleria, and Sahil Marwaha, and their ace vacation playlists. Upping the ante with their brand communication consultancy in #OurCity, the Beam team when not kicking ar$e at B&W are found globetrotting with a playlist as bada$$ as their work. Bringing together their insatiable thirst for wanderlust and musical finds across different genres, we got them talking about their travel playlists to get the vacation groove going.

Abhinav Rajput - The gent who has us in splits with jokes delivered with a poker face.

Rajput appreciates unfamiliar roads and impromptu conversations as much as us and kick-starts his road-eo trips with some good ol’ radio. The grooving tunes vary with weather and route and his last trip’s accompaniment was the boppity-bop hip-hop. However, the usual routes have him tapping his sneakers to swing jazz if not Mark Knopfler. Zealously passionate about coffee and music, Rajput reminisces about his city exploits with Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone. Amidst nature, beer, grills, and Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival are Rajput go-to’s at all times. When shacking near the tides, he is found throwing back gin and whisky tonics with fresh seafood on side and Keb Mo’s indie tunes on repeat.

Here are Abhinav’s top 5 tunes you need for your road-trip playlist:

  1. Kerala by Bonobo
  2. Time by Pink Floyd
  3. Shiverman by Fat Freddy's Drop
  4. Rung by Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad
  5. Perfect Moon by BLOT


Arjun Guleria - The gent who will be the never-to-be-defeated champion of Man vs. Food.

Filled with exuberance, Arjun is always ready for an opportunity to escape the city and his getaways are plenty, albeit generous with self-proclaimed chaotic planning. Whilst discovering local cuisine and drinks is a constant for Guleria, his playlist fluctuates with moods and places. Currently a spot on the beach and tunes by Flume are topping the vacay-list. Treks on the hills are amped up with Open or The Fall by Rhye, whereas a city getaway has Kali Uchis by Ridin Round on repeat. When talking about indie music, he is quick to confess his love for BLOT, followed by a recommendation for Fakear, Whilk & Misky, and Jan Blomqvist. His ever evolving playlist boasts of songs by Drake, Kiiara, J. Cole, Glass Animals, and Maggie Rogers, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber lately.

Here are Arjun’s top 5 tunes you need for your weekend getaway playlist:

  1. Girls @ feat. Chance the Rapper by Joey Purp
  2. Passionfruit by Drake
  3. Road Trippin by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  4. How Bizarre by OMC
  5. Anything by Coldplay or U2

Image: Primo Privilege


Sahil Marwaha - The gent who beasts his eats with equal gusto as he does with those weights.

Stevie’s beach companion, Sahil Marwaha has a famously-documented affinity for the ocean. When not downing burgers and smoothies on a hammock, he’s found tuning in to hip-hop and chill-hop near the tides. The beaming gent (see what we did there?) picks Amsterdam and Berlin for his topmost expeditions, but concurs I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) by Jamie XX is the song to tune in to when there. As indie music enthusiasts, we heed this sartorial homie’s advice to play Anderson .Paak on loop and we can say for shore, you’ll be hooked just like us! Give him his flip flops, sunglasses, headphones, and Kendrick Lamar tunes and he’ll be w-rap-ping up the day with a smile on his face.

Here are Sahil’s top 5 tunes you need for your beach vacation playlist:

  1. I by Kendrick Lamar
  2. Wonderful by Travis Scott
  3. The Dreamer by Anderson .Paak
  4. No Turning Back by Gui Boratto
  5. Dance For Blessings by Sango

The Beam team has us gleaming and planning our next vacay with the playlist sorted!

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