DineFest: DSSC Recommends 5 Restaurants You Can’t Miss Out This Edition

If you love food as much as we do, you obviously love all the culinary extravaganzas from the Cellar Door wizards, Nachiket Shetye and Mangal Dalal. Having weaved culinary magic with Restaurant Week, Chef’s Table Week, Small Plates Week in the past, they’ve pulled out another winning rabbit from their magicians’ hat. Say hello to DineFest, a 10-day culinary event showcasing over 30 restaurants across 3 cities from 26th May to 4th June, 2017.

DineFest is kind on the pocket and generous on the tastebuds, with a 3-course menu priced at a fraction of a la carte prices (INR 600++ a pop), here are the top 5 places you’ll catch us dining at in the coming weeks. #DSSCRecommends five DineFest menus you can’t miss this edition!


Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu

Salli Ma Murg

Shaking hands with DineFest our Bawa friends, Kainaz Contractor & Rahul Dua are showcasing the best of Rustom’s with a menu boasting of their signature dishes. While Akoori, Paatra Ni Maachi, and Keema Pattice are giving us some serious dilemma about the meal kickstarter, Jardaloo Marghi Ma Salli is a clear winner when it comes to main course and we’ll be filling up on it with classic Parsi Rotli’s. Do not miss out on the Gajar Mewa Nu Achaar with it, just don’t. Keeping up with Parsi traditions we’ll be ending our meal with caramel custard, a must-have at Rustom’s and something you’ll end up raving about for days (make that months).



Image: Bite Me; Coconut Ice Cream

A Thai experience above all others in the capital, Chef Gurmehar Sethi’s innovations keep us going back for more. More than half the menu boasts of the ‘Stevie Recommends’ approval and we’re psyched that the team’s favourites are featured in the specially curated menu for DineFest. Crispy cups with Asian greens are a must-have, for the bite-sized delights make for a great start to the evening. Once in the world of aromatic herbs, you can’t ignore the allure of the Red Thai Curry, which paired with fragrant jasmine rice can teleport you to Thailand beaches. You can make the meal a winner if you heed our advice and end it with their famous Coconut Ice-Cream, refreshing and utterly scrumptious it’s a delight in every bite.


Indigo Deli

Gooey Brownies

Our comfort food go-to, Indigo Deli never misses out on wooing us with their humble classics, be it a margherita or an iced coffee. Showcasing their summer specials with DineFest, we’ll be heading here for Sambal Prawns with melon & mint mayo this weekend. Not far behind on our shortlisted menu is the Fish & Chips with malt vinegar and tartar sauce, the marriage of perfectly cooked flaky fish with breadcrumbed exterior makes for the apt summer supper selection. Top off a stellar meal with the Gooey brownie, it takes the cake and champions the day.



Image: manghchi.com; Kimchi Fried Rice

Bringing Japanese fare with happiness embodied in the name & food alike, Kofuku has curated an exclusive menu for DineFest highlighting the symphony in Japanese flavours. Digging into a bowl of Chicken Dumpling Soup with gyozas, followed by the classic, Chicken Yakitori, we’ll be happy campers prepping for our next DineFest exploit, i.e main course. Going out of route, next in is Korean Kimchi Fried Rice with sour & spicy notes we can never get enough of. Our Asian expedtion will take full circle with mochi ice cream for dessert.


Jamie’s Italian

Chili Arrabbiata Pizza

Our DineFest expedition wouldn’t be complete without a quintessentially Italian meal at Jamie’s. Taking our journey to the land of pizzerias, we’ll be embarking with the Tomato & Ricotta Bruschetta for a refreshing way to #BeatTheHeat. Next stop on our exploit – Rome and the city’s signature sauce on a freshly baked dough in the form of Chili Arrabbiata Pizza. With no intention of missing out on hand-cut potatoes, we’ll be ordering the spiced fries for sides. A refreshing sorbet for dolci and we’ll be going Mamma Mia as we end our meal!


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Featured Image Courtesy: pinterest.com