Gemini, Your Birthday Month Is Set To Be Sensational

The stars are amping up their play and Gemini you’re at aim, for it’s your birthday month and your sun sign is ready to jig things up. The Mercury ends its retrograde and in a symbiotic relationship with Mars, is prepping to fuel the month of June to new heights. Channel the vitality you are known for and make the most of the support around you, for the month of June will give you opportunities where you will fiercely need to use both. As you gear up for the stars to begin their dance, #DSSCFoodHoroscope is here to help you realise your destiny culinarie and rejoice with meals worthy of the blockbuster month to come.


The Personal

Venus is at play this month and the twins should listen to their gut; while advice shouldn’t be shunned, determination to stay on the path you find apt is must, in both personal & professional life. As the jovial Jupiter moves forward, the prospects of personal growth and happiness are galore. Your month will be filled with cheery banter, tipples, suppers, and many a late nights. Entrants to your world will propel you to take up new activities, uplifting your fitness level and getting you a high score on the joy-o-meter. Sport your zooming confidence and hone your intellectual & creative skills with new ideas and prospects that come your way.


The Professional

Your career will take a back seat this June, with friends & family clocking up your time; but as the new moon rises during the last leg of the month, blossoming prospects on the professional front will catch your eye. The workspace will resonate with your revitalised energy and by end of the month it can result in you climbing to leadership roles. The play of the planets and an increasing circle means there is room for growth. Hustle & patience will get you through the month a winner, for results though not instant will be worth the effort.


What To Eat

Image:; Baba-Au-Rhum

When the stars are shining bright and the planets are aligning for your victory, nothing short of Baba Au Rhum will make do. Indulgence at its epitome, this French classic is decadent and spiked, creating a mouthful that is every bit as glorious as your month of June. Next in we have the Queen of Bulgaria – Banitsa for you to revel in during the sunny Sunday mornings and rejoice with the best of summer & winter, i.e, yogurt & cheese. As the month unfolds and the caring twins sparkle with exuberance, Beignets will keep the mood going. The good ole’ deep fried dough can put a smile on even the most reluctant faces.


What To Drink

Frozen Mojito

For the euphoric month that is June, caffeine is not your friend and those coffee cocktails need to hit the back of the bar. Pairing the light-heartedness with a Margarita (or ten) is the way to go and as avid gin enthusiasts, we’d say a GinTo is the twin trick to #BeatTheHeat and keep the party going this month. As the sun takes full force, not just in Delhi but also for your horoscope, these five ace cocktails will keep you cool like a cucumber.


Where To Go

Chicken & Waffles

Fire up the Sunday brunch with a space that boasts of fresh, farm-to-fork ingredients, and dishes that reflect excellence – Fig & Maple. Launching a summer menu showcasing produce as colourful and cheery as your mood and cocktails we hear, their terrace is where you need to head to for a sundowner. Do not miss out on the chicken & waffles and say hi to chef Radhika while you’re there, the lovely lady with her trademark smile will amp up your day even further.


#DSSCTopTip: You share your birthday month with Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Karan Johar, Heston Blumenthal and Bob Dylan, take inspiration from these crème de la crème individuals and keep the ardour burning for success is around the corner.


The planets have spoken and June is set to be sensational, so hop on the journey and rejoice with culinary crusades that compeer your zeal.