Something’s Changing In India This May; Say Hello To Lucy Rose’ New Album

Eight weeks in South America, living with locals, performing gratis at pubs & bars, and after endless inter-city buses across, Lucy Rose has a rejuvenated passion for music. Pushing the envelope since early years of her career, Lucy has forged her own path in the industry. From conceptualising a tea blend in lieu of conventional merchandise to organising a jaunt in South America with the help of fans, she has invariably taken the road less travelled. On a world tour for her latest album – Something’s Changing, Lucy will be performing in the capital city soon and as she preps to board her flight to #OurCity, we got talking about her journey.  

A musician, songwriter, and tea enthusiast, Lucy’s mellifluent foundation was laid in the early years, writing tunes to her family’s home piano in Warwickshire. Embarking for London at the age of eighteen, Lucy withdrew her application from University College London and decided to pursue music, “Music is the only thing that motivates me, it comforts and heals the soul. It’s a form of escapism and it empowers you, making you feel like you can do anything in life,” she shares in an exclusive interview with DSSC. Her debut album Like I Used To, was highly acclaimed and led Vogue, UK to dub her as “one of indie music’s breakout stars for 2012,” however, post the mega success of her second album Work It Out, Lucy shares, “I got caught up in the business side of things and started worrying too much about it, writing songs in a different frame of mind.” Now enlightened with a fresh perspective, business has taken a back seat, “Even if one person enjoys my music, I will continue to make it,” shares Lucy.

Image: Laura Lewis Photography, UK

“If you book me a gig, I’ll come and stay,” the tweet resulted in the tour of a lifetime, one that renewed the ardour in Lucy. “It made me realise the importance of music; it’s about connecting with people and writing about things that truly matter,” shares Lucy. The tweet went viral and saw an influx of responses by her fans in South America and led her to go on a backpack-and-fan-sourced-tour , “I thought it would be terrible if I was in those places and not playing music! My fans helped me book gigs and they let me live with them,” she adds. The tour shined bright with many a humbling experiences, “The expedition gave me so much more than I expected, I was showered with unconditional love and kindness. I learnt that I had fans in places I could have never dreamed of and I became friends with them,” shares Lucy. A winery in Mendoza, art gallery in Quito, and laundrette in São Paulo, the expedition was rich with unpretentious encounters, “Music is more than just music for most people in the world, a fan-friend on a bus during the tour told me – for me music is God, and I carry the inspiration from those words with me.”

Returning to the Big Ben City enriched with the learnings of the trip, a new record was in order to fulfil these heartwarming experiences, “My new record is for the people I met in South America,” and as fate would have it, she was introduced to Tim Bidwell, music writer & producer. “I was an-uncracked glow stick…and now I’ve been cracked,” reinvigorated with this partnership, they set out to record the album in Tim’s home studio where emotions and music were presented unprocessed and in single takes. Within seventeen days the album was up and ready, “It was one of the best experiences of my life. I had a clear vision and with great musicians around me and it resulted in something just right,” shares Lucy. However, her journey represented more than could be captured in her album and pairing it’s release with a documentary as Lucy puts it “was very important for sharing the story in it’s entirety.” Produced by her tour-manager & husband, William Morris, the documentary encapsulates the kindness and passion Rose experienced while backpacking and living with her fans whilst on tour.

Strumming her guitar to Floral Dresses, a song from the latest album, Lucy shares how the 2016 excursion got her addicted to a different style of travelling and even the current world tour feels similar, for she is staying in people’s houses and playing in similar places. Returning to Delhi audiences on May 23 & 24, she is elated to share, “I can never forget my first performance in Delhi. I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined I had fans in India who would sing along with me. I can’t wait to come back.”


Before she takes her tunes to full pitch, we warmed up our rapid fire to dig deep and learn more about her melodies.


A genre you’d like to explore more?

Lucy: Country music

A city that allowed you to connect with your music the most?

Lucy: London

Musicians you take inspiration from?

Lucy: Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Carole King

A tea secret you’d like to share?

Lucy: Drink lots of it!

One thing you are looking forward to the most for your Indian tour?

Lucy: Meeting friends I made the last time I was there.


You can buy tickets to her Delhi show here.

Lucy Rose’s documentary & album, Something’s Changing releases on July 7 2017.


Featured Image Courtesy: Laura Lewis Photography, UK


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