Where Are We Travelling This Summer? Why, Tomorrowland Of Course!

Hopping aboard Tomorrowland’s Global Journey, we’ll be drawing the drapes on DSSC’s own global journey this summer. Part cuatro of our summer travels and the diamond shining bright in Ms. Vacation’s tiara, this EDM festival in Boom, Belgium is the perfect way for our vacation vibes to go out with a boom!


What We’re Going to Eat

Setting camp at Tomorrowland’s Dreamville, our foodscapades during the three-day festival will be covered by Tastes at Dreamville. Designated barbecue sections, teahouse, butcher’s shop, bakery, supermarket, and kiosks whipping up food from all over the world – our culinary quest will not go unfulfilled! But when in Belgium, it’s a sin to not dip your spoon in the gastronomic melting pot offered by this country. Arriving few days before the festival, beer, fries, chocolates, and waffles are going to punctuate our days as we explore Antwerp, the province housing Boom.

Image: siranthonyvandijck.be; Sir Anthony Van Dijck

Matching step with the city’s fashion & art inspired beat, we’ll be making a stop at Graanmarkt 13, which serves up farm-to-fork fare with a side of an art gallery and a concept shop. Sticking with the culture trip, the restaurant Sir Anthony Van Dijck will be our next table – Belgian classics with a French accent, quartered in a 16th-century house – this may be the defining supper of our Euro trip. To not overlook the holiday laze, we’ll spend evenings sipping some top-drawer Belgian beer, Leffe, Palm, De Koninck, and Chinmay being few of the many pours.


What We’re Going To See

Image: amazingbelgium.be

Set to track Antwerp, we’ll begin at the Central Station, also called the Railway Cathedral for it’s glass & stone makeup, monumental dome, lion sculptures et al. Jumping off, we’ll make our way to the gothic Cathedral of Our Lady, dotted with artworks of Sir Peter Paul Rubens, the church is a vision not-to-be-missed we hear. Basking in Antwerp’s love of all things art, we’ll tread through the Grote Market & the Vlaeykensgang alley before heading to Mode Museum, their museum of fashion. There in late July, we’re looking to catch The Hermès Years by Martin Margiela and Nicole & Hugo. Swinging Ann Salens at MoMu.


Amping It Up With Tomorrowland

The People of Tomorrow believe in ‘enjoying life to the fullest without having to compromise everything’, twinning the DSSC life motto. This year’s theme Amicorum Spectaculum (amicorum = friend in Latin, to bring you up to speed) has us turning our tickets over and over till July arrives. Taking up their Global Journey, our first brush with Tomorrowland will be in the plane to Brussels, where the party is promised to begin. We may be coming back to earth, but the party’s still reaching the skies with The Gathering, a pre-game party on Thursday evening at Dreamville, before the weekend festival begins.

Installation at Tomorrowland 2016

Welcoming Tomorrowland and vice-versa, we’ll be looking at spectacular art, floating stages, fireworks & lasers in sync with music beats, more stages than we can visit, and even more artists. Bringing the likes of Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta, Afrojack together at this real-life fairyland, please check in if you don’t see us around town soon after – we may lose ourselves in Boom. As EDM reverberates through our bodies and Belgian beer makes us chugged, we can’t wait for Amicorum Spectaculum to be a fitting grand finale to our summer travels!

Fries, beer, waffles, and smash-fest music. We’re not going to be legible to say we’re overworked post this, are we.


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