Salzburg Festival For All Things Theatrical, DSSC Travels To Austria’s Old Town

London, Prague, Venice, Cannes – DSSC is on an Euro trail and a flair for the dramatics has us booking tickets to Austria’s old town, Salzburg. A picturesque city that boasts equally of music as it does of baroque architecture, it’s the hometown to Mozart and prides the iconic Mirabellgarten (The Sound Of Music – oh no, you didn’t forget, did you?). Yet Julie Andrews’ galavanting wasn’t all that Trapp-ed us, Whitsun Salzburg Festival vaunts of musicals unlike any other has us hooked. Music in our ears, wind in our hair, and trance-inducing views for our eyes, we know it’s going to be a salz-tastic vacation and we’re bach to share our travel plans, part tres.


Falling flat over Salzburg spreads

Hotel Sacher on the banks of the river Salzach will be our home for the stay, and  and it would be a sin to begin the day without their signature Sachertorte at Café Sacher Salzburg. Invented at the hotel’s sister accommodation in Vienna, this decadent slice of chocolate cake coupled with the serene view of flowing water offers the perfect way to kickstart the vacation. Taking our palate on a traditional Austrian journey, we’ll be heading to s’Herzl in the afternoon for their wholesome goulash and drinking our way to the bottom of their signature cocktail – Susanne (we hear the history behind it is as intriguing as the drink itself).


 As epicureans, we know better than to skip the city’s Michelin magic and have already made reservations for the two-starred Ikarus, known for it’s unusual concept of showcasing a new menu and chef every month. However, our culinary exploration has a few more miles to cover, before we hit home run with tipples and cones (yes, we said cones and not nibbles) at Carpe Diem. A gastronomy hotspot, this avant-garde lounge & restaurant is always bustling with a crowd and boasts of a seasonal menu, canapés in cones, and refined finger-food. With our aperitifs sorted, there’s only one more supper crusade on our bucket-list; we’ll be wrapping up the trip at Zirbelzimmer with a breathtaking view of the city and the dessert synonymous with it – Salzburger Nockerl, a deliciously light egg soufflé that would remind the romantics of the snow-capped mountains of Salzburg.


If it’s not baroque, it’s not Salzburg

One of the best preserved cities north of Alps, Salzburg symbolises the old world charm of Europe and with the intent to delve into this historic city uninhibited, Hohensalzburg Castle will be our first stop. Never conquered by enemy troops, this fortress is impenetrable and if the opulent gateways aren’t imposing enough, the medieval rooms sure will be. Mozart’s birthplace and Schloss Mirabell and Gardens are on our must-visit list but we’ll also be taking the road less travelled to the town of Hallein for an insight into the old Celtic lifestyle. The Celtic museum and the Old Town of Hallein, where homes built the traditional Salzach way still exist, will be our wayfaring home for the trip.


Lights, Camera, Whitsun!

Organised annually the Salzburg festival – Whitsun & Summer, boasts of drama, musicals, and opera in its repertoire. The theme for Whitsun created by Cecilia Bartoli for the year is “Joy Of Grief” and the four day festival will be held from June 2 – 5. Though shorter than the Summer festival from July 21 – August 30, it takes a more unconventional approach, pushing the boundaries of theatre and performance art. In Cecilia’s words, “It will take you over a stormy sea to a mythical, romantic, enchanted world of Scotland,” and we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in it.


The highlights for us are Handel’s Ariodante opera, where Cecilia Bartoli will be seen in a male role for the first time, the concert by Anne-Sophie Mutter celebrating her debut on this stage 40 years ago, and the classic ballet La Sylphide the following day.


Salzburg is where we’re gonna be this June, what about you?


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