Rasna Bhasin Fashions #DSSCFridgeDiaires To Her Food Escapades

She carries a Gucci and a gin glass with equal panache. The capital’s newest dame de la mode has harboured a love for fashion for as long as she can remember, and is now channeling it as a Fashion Consultant. The Digital Consultant/Editor at Harper’s Bazaar Bride (India) may be the new kid on the block, but Rasna is no novice when it comes to her craft, the style down her ramp never fails. Along with her being a promising top player in her industry, it’s her deep connection with food that got Stevie curious about her fridge.

With the summer beating down on us and work having us glued to laptops for endless hours, it was time to time-out for some indulgence, and a peek inside this food lover’s culinary escapades sounded just about right. So we got Rasna to hop aboard the #DSSCFridgeDiaires to bring to you a perfect feel-good food day!

DSSC’s Fridge Diaries is your inside scoop on the food habits of the country’s milieu of crème de la crème individuals. Breakfast to supper, binge eating to cleanse, water to wine, we track a culinary day in their lives, revealing the coup on how these powerhouse peeps wield their forks. The Fridge Diaries investigate their refrigerator to get a lowdown on their food quirks and explore their personal foodscape.


Featured Image Courtesy: Nayantara Parikh