Fig & Maple: Our New Good Food Staple

Walking up the staircase to Fig & Maple after a full day’s work, we were hopeful of being rewarded for this mini workout (Full Disclosure: They have an elevator, the stairs was entirely our choice). Their terrace is Delhi’s latest go-to al fresco, but the summer played bummer and we dug our flags indoors for the evening. Through the doors, we were welcomed by a slick space, replete with a bookshelf à la Radhika Khandelwal. Taking in the neat interiors, we were ready to dig into the newest offering of Chef Radhika’s neat culinary craft.

The signature Fig & Maple salad and Dark Chocolate & Beetroot shake started off our spread. Apple slaw, mango (sweetest we’ve ever had), greens enhanced with mustard, caramelised walnuts, and feta bits finally made us believe ‘salads that taste good’ is a real thing. The shake aced the dark chocolate game, though the beet taste may fly past you the texture resembles brownie bits, ensuring it’s a hit.

Warmed up, we were set to attack the Classic Benny. The expertly done sous vide eggs paired well with the cheddar & chive biscuit, a welcome change from the typical English muffin. The bacon cured to the tee, baby potatoes, and creamier than usual hollandaise only drew more praise. As we downed that with their Dutch Press Cold Brew, which is the quintessential summer power-up, it was time to say hello to Chicken Waffles. Buttermilk waffles that stay soft as a cloud till the end, the best-ever fried chicken, and spicy maple to put a spin on the dish – we were sold. A shout out to their fried chicken, the perfect crisp on the outside and succulent as it gets on the inside, do not miss it. Just don’t.

Next on our devour drive was the Salmon Blini, fresh from the catch salmon stacked between tiny pancakes, with a generous topping of creme fraiche, pomegranate, and greens. While this concoction is a never-fail, the natural, unprocessed flavours helped race it to the winner stable. Before heading to dessert we made a stop at the universal feel-good food, pizza. The Fig & Maple Pizza was a skilled twist on the regular, with the sweet fig taste blended with spicy maple, causing a stir on ‘em buds; while the Potato & Blue Cheese Pizza brought together our two favourites (potato+blue cheese and pizza, duh!), landing itself a place on our go-to pizzas list. We chomped this round food for every mood along with their Strawberry Spritzer, one of the finest in the city, it comes loaded with fresh strawberry bits and keeps those bubbles alive until you’ve downed the drink.

Caving in to afters, we welcomed the Creme Brûlée Pancakes on our table. Like the Blini, the pancakes were stacked and laden with just-set creme brûlée, and a much appreciated repeat appearance of fresh strawberries and caramelised walnuts. The gooey custard base and caramel top layer were faultless, with the zero hint of egg being a big plus. The mini pancakes were fluffy as can be, making our final fork in the supper super as can be.

While the food rakes high in the delish factor, any talk of Fig & Maple is incomplete without a hat tip to Radhika’s wizard plating skills and zeal for farm-to-fork produce. Each dish comes dressed as a treat for the eyes before it proves to be the same for your tastebuds; topped with seasonal, edible flowers & greens. One bite in and you can feel the goodness of fresh ingredients waft over you. We’d strongly suggest you say hello to the Chef as she’s a delight to chat with, look out for the lovely lady with her trademark red lipstick. From outside to inside, Fig & Maple is our new good food staple, quite literally.


DSSC Top Tip: Head there for your next Sunday Sundowner, the terrace is a delight. Need another deal-maker-decision? Their tables have in-built ice chillers to cool your tipples (mocktails for now, liquor license awaited in the coming times).


Head over to Fig & Maple at M-27, M-Block Market, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi and lose wallet weight equivalent to Rs. 1,600 for two (approx.).