Water Music: Soul Stirring Music Forms Across The World

Looking beyond the obvious and into the ocean, we found art forms from around the world that had us mesmerised in the first tune. Exploring the lanes unvisited and diving into the old world traditions, we found gems which are music to the ears. Instrumental Music from the ages old, ready to be explored and hit the ears of those looking for a symphony. We think it’s time these glorious art forms reach everyone across the world. Delve in the magic of these melodies and enjoy the water world we have created (read on, you’ll understand what we mean).


Musical Glasses

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Making a comeback world wide in the category of unconventional music, the glass harp, also known as musical glasses, is now widely appreciated. Wine glasses and water, all you need to get those fingers to create amazing symphony (and a ton of practice). Each glass is set at a different pitch by managing the amount of water and as the artist runs their moistened fingers around the rim of the wine glass, it produces a melodious sound that can put anyone in a trance. From streets to theatres, this music form is spreading its wings with new artists emerging. It is rightly regarded as angelic organ, because we wouldn’t call this music anything but divine.


Jal Tarang

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Not to be confused with the glass harmonica, Jal Tarang is a native Indian melodic percussion instrument consisting of bowls tuned with water. The sounds from these bowls will lift your spirits and the feeling is akin to floating. Artists these days use ceramic bowls, whereas in the earlier centuries metal was the material of choice. The world adapted different methods of it, Jalthal is Jaisalmer’s adaptation of Jal Tarang in which the thali is filled with water and different strokes produce beautiful tones and rhythms. However, just like it’s inspiring ancestor, these harmonious forms of instrumental music are getting lost in today’s age.


Water Drum

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A native American Indian music form, water drums are filled with water and played with hands, creating a unique resonating sound. This traditional form of drumming received recognition in 2006 after the American heavy metal band – Mushroomhead used it in their live show. However, to date it remains a lesser known form of drumming, rarely appreciated outside the traditional communities. It is often confused with water drumming, a tribal music form in which people descend into the river and create polyphonic symphonies by striking the surface of the water with hands. Famously performed by Baka people in Africa, the groups come together to create a rhythmic sync.


Water Organ

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A hydraulic organ which creates symphonies by pushing air through a pipe by water. The use of water organs can be traced to 3rd century BC, where they held great significance in the Greek culture. This old art form might be lost, but a recent innovation which uses water to source the melodies of the organ is gaining popularity – the Hydraulophone. Initially built as a sensory exploration device, the hydraulophone turned out be a acoustically designed. A gentle block of the holes of a hydraulophone affects flow & pressure, producing different symphonies. This form of expressive instrumental music is particularly popular in Canada (where it was invented) and has many installations in Canada & USA.


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