Hauz Khas Has Delhi’s Coolest Trio Opening Doors Together

Hauz Khas Market will be swarming come 24th March, when Delhi’s coolest trio opens shop under one roof. Big Fat Sandwich got the top-cat coffee house and pâtisserie from the city – Blue Tokai and Miam for their latest venture in Hauz Khas to create a one-stop food hub for all Delhiites. With the capital’s beloved sandwiches, coffee, and desserts in one place, who can resist a visit, or three?

Anant Kataria, co-founder of Big Fat Sandwich, shares the thought behind his design, “The idea was to keep the look and feel organic with wooden structures and lots of greenery, we believe green is good. Our vision of a neighbourhood cafe was supported by an easily accessible location on the road which allows neighbours to simply walk in without thought.” Anant candidly adds, “Our forte is sandwiches but we have no idea about coffee or desserts and to create the hub we wanted we partnered with brands who share our beliefs. It’s the synergy experienced with Miam & Blue Tokai in the past that lead to the collaboration.” This thought is shared by Rhea Sanghi, the community manager at Blue Tokai and Bani Nanda, founder & head chef at Miam and a DSSC Power Packer awardee. “Anant messaged me in January at 4 am, from Madrid and the idea just stuck. The concept was so crazy and exciting that I jumped into it and I couldn’t be more grateful for it,” quips Bani.

Image: Big Fat Sandwich

A party for your palate isn’t the only thing this trio brings you, they’ve curated an entire experience hub, Anant shares “We designed it as a gallery. It’s a place where you can attend classes and lectures on everything from cooking to art, and surely some jazz performances.” Adding to the vibe and in-line with the brand’s philosophies, the place is pet-friendly. If all that isn’t enough to lure you to the new store (we are judging a little on how can it not), all three brands are introducing fare you just can not miss. “We have lots of new goodies in the bag”, Anant says. “The Big Fat Cheeks and Old School Burger made with tenderloin, chocolate, and strawberries are a few of them.”

Image: Blue Tokai

Rhea spilled the beans on what to expect from the coffee masters, “We are launching our summer menu there with iced mochas, flavoured affogatos, and a Blue Tokai lemonade”. As soon as we heard about the coffee lemonade we knew our summer fix is sorted. Perfecting the recipes, they will be launching the coolers in April. To top things off, you can expect lots of cake, “I’m introducing some Parisian classics and modern tarts, along with a whole lot of individual pastries,” Bani shares.                         

We asked the three minds running this hub what their favourite trio is and the combinations that win the cup.

Anant: The Morning After Sandwich with Nitro Coffee for summers and a classic Cappuccino for winters. Ending the meal on a sweet note with Miam’s Belgian Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Dome.

Rhea: The Morning After Sandwich with Flat White and Salted Caramel Macaron, it’s the best from all three.

Bani: The Morning After with Flat White or Nitro Coffee and Belgian Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Domes.

We know what the winner is and with coffee glazed bacon, goat’s cheese, and lime chilly, we can understand why.


Opening doors at 5pm, March 24, it’s a party you wouldn’t want to miss. We’ll be heading there for the yummies and to meet Zoey, Bani’s dog (perks of being a pet-friendly space is bring your dog to work days).

Head over to A-15 Hauz Khas Market, Delhi.

Featured Image Courtesy: Blue Tokai