The Altitude Café & Deli Puts Healthy & Delicious On One Plate

Cheesechocolatemeat, or any other treat – The Altitude Store is our one stop shop for everything organic & indigenous. Taking forward their penchant for keeping our tastebuds happy and bodies healthy they gifted Delhi the sparkler, Altitude Café & Deli. Yet another day of hustling found us bustling in the Meharchand hood, and the DSSC team is happy to report that an impromptu team lunch at this quaint space left us powered-up to rustle up some more hustle (yep, that’s the last of the cheekiness).

First step inside the Altitude Café & Deli and its clean & bright interiors work their magic to enthuse you with energy. Sunlight pouring through large windows with a splendid view of the Lodhi Colony street art, suspended planters, and slick design had us charmed and rooting for the creativity to be mirrored on our plates. Their informed & cheery staff came to our aid and suggested the Orange, Mint, Chia & Himalayan Rock Salt fresh juice to kickstart our healthy feast. The duo of orange and mint was an instant revitaliser, with the Himalayan Rock Salt sprucing up the beverage. Ready to charge at their plated fare we got ourselves the Roast Pumpkin, Beetroot & Feta Macro Bowl. The buddha bowl was served with quinoa and sunflower seeds lentil pilaf, which perfectly balanced the sweet & savoury pumpkin and strong earthy flavours of beetroot; while the fresh, tangy feta paired with greens hit the homerun for us.

That success had us reaching out to another bowl, the Smoked Chicken Cobb Salad. Bacon, chicken, spinach, and feta – it was happiness tossed into one bowl. The free range chicken was one of the most succulent meats we’ve tried in the city, and the bacon was optimally crisp without losing out on the flavour. The repeat of feta & spinach union only made our smiles wider. Washing this down with their Apple, Beetroot, Carrot & Ginger juice we made our way to their vegan pizza. Altitude café has certainly cracked the code for making the blend of apple, beetroot, and carrot a delish drink, with the farm fresh ginger packing quite the punch. Next up, our Ragi base pizza arrived topped with cashew cheese, pesto, tomato, and grilled vegetables. One bite and our speculation over the unconventional base was dispelled – it serves ‘em buds just as nicely as the guilt-ridden flour pizzas. The homemade cheese & pesto had us wanting seconds, as they came together with veggies to fulfil the coveted dream of a healthy pizza.

We teamed the pizza with the Citrus Mint and the Green Lean Protein Machine juices, continuing the theme of our power lunch. The two were winners just like their counterparts we chugged earlier. Moving on to the final act, we were ready for the Vanilla Chia Pudding to delight us, and it didn’t disappoint! Teeming with chia seeds, the very liquid pudding was mildly sweet, with a strong vanilla flavour – though the subtle sweet tang may be underwhelming if you have a sweet tooth, unlike us. With that our lunch came to a close, but not before we downed their Bulletproof Coffee – a shot of butter and coconut oil in coffee – it was the perfect finish to the healthy meal, amping up our zing to take on the rest of the day.

Championing organic & natural produce, Chef Subhayan Das and Altitude Café & Deli bring to the table food that is not only healthy, but smashingly appetising too. With produce sourced from farms in Rajasthan and Uttaranchal, you can feel the freshness of the ingredients with each bite. From top-notch health-o-meter to taste quotient, Delhi – you’ve been served.

Head over to Altitude Café & Deli at 116, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi; and enjoy a meal for two for approx Rs. 1,500.