Kashmiri Cuisine Decoded – 5 Dishes That Deserve Space On Your Supper Table

We just witnessed a spring to summer transition in less that five seconds and as the beloved Delhi winters bow out, the ideal time to relish decadent Kashmiri cuisine is here. The aromas and flavours transported us to the lush greens hills of Kashmir, making it heaven on earth for more than one reason for us. Looking deeper than the popular goshtaba and rista, we stumbled upon five lesser-known jewels which shined bright & mesmerised us with their fragrance, before we could gormandize. #DSSCRecommends must-haves of Kashmiri cuisine with a side of fascinating cultural tidbits.


Methi Chaman

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One of the most popular leafy vegetables in India, methi (fenugreek), is highly celebrated in Kashmir through various dishes. However, it was Methi Chaman that hit it out of the park for us. Cottage Cheese (or paneer), a.k.a ‘chaman’ in Kashmir, melts in the mouth while methi provides it a distinct earthy flavour. If your thoughts are rushing to a palak paneer, hold back! Methi Chaman is beautifully mandarin coloured with large pieces of paneer floating in a tangy curry. Mildly spiced, it pairs well with rice and tawa roti.

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Now now, we aren’t talking about the flaming hot chilli North African paste. Kashmiri harissa or as it’s often called – hareesa, is akin to haleem; slow-cooked for 12 hours with spices, hand stirred and completely broken down. The pièce de résistance of the Kashmiri culinary adventure, the richness of this dish is endearing and warm. Comfort food at it’s best, it’s usually prepared in winters (since the season is ending, you might want to get your hands on it soon). Prepared as breakfast, it’s typically eaten with Kashmiri breakfast bread – czot. Golden on top and white below, the bread is made in the tandoor with finger impressions on top.

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Badam Mutton Kofta Curry

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Mr. Tech-Meister from the DSSC Team has a special recipe passed down from his grandmother and it made us fall in love with this Kashmiri gem. Melt in the mouth mutton meatballs floating in a rich almond curry, paired with fragrant basmati rice was one the most comforting meals we have had this winter. The strong nutty flavour from almonds (and cashews, if you fancy), mellows the acidic flavour of red meat. Complemented by a strong cardamom flavour, the crumbly koftas are definitely the hero of this dish.

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Collard greens or haak are leafy vegetables Kashmiris eat everyday, when available. Maintaining the integrity of leafy greens, haak isn’t blended. Served with stem on, it is a very simple preparation which allows the flavour of greens to shine through, elevated by chilli solo. Eaten with steamed rice, haak is served in it’s own broth. Kashmiris outside have adapted this recipe according to availability, often creating haakesque greens with radish greens, dandelion greens, and even spinach.

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Sweetened cottage cheese made with dry fruits, shufta is one of the richest desserts from the valley. The different textures of coconut, raisins, almonds, and cottage cheese make each bite an adventure. Cooked on special occasions like weddings and festivals, this lavish assortment is flavoured with saffron, oozing of allure. Followed by a freshly brewed cup of kehwa (traditional tea of Kashmir), it is the perfect ending to an elaborate wazwaan (multi-course Kashmiri meal).

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