7 Soups To See You Through This Winter

Now that we are over the New Year hangover, it’s time to put down the party poppers and pick up the planners. After all the indulgence and intoxication it’s time to pay back our bodies for all the fun nights they sustained from Christmas through NYE. And what’s better than an easy-to-make warm bowl of soup, which not only feels good but also does good. So, here are our favourite soups you need to try out this year.


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Clam Chowder

Let’s be honest, nothing beats a humble clam chowder served in a bread bowl when the chilly breeze begins to hit the face. This New England’s favourite is a must have on winter night-in’s. Since we know you haven’t completely let go of the  holiday spirit, the smoky rich bacon will help keep your spirits lifted and fat-loving taste buds satiated. When done right, it will leave you floating in creaminess without feeling sluggish. So, keep that spring in your step as you head to the kitchen for chowder-making, just make sure not to cause a calamity!

Recipe here.


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Lemongrass and Ginger Chicken Soup

The aroma of lemongrass and ginger has such an instantly soothing effect, so a soup which contains both ought to be a top contender for our recommendations. Ideal for those who partied just a little too much over the weekend; this will detox and recharge your body for getting back to reality. It has the tendency to progress from being a hangover helper to a winter-weekend-healthy-eating-ritual (a.k.a comfort eating ritual).

Recipe here.


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Roasted Pumpkin With Nutmeg

While we ended up using most of our pumpkins as painted table decorations for family gathering on New Year’s (thanks to our refined halloween theme) we hope you demonstrated better judgement and saved some for their actual use — eating! Even though we quite enjoyed the pumpkin pies on thanksgiving, these beautifully plump and sweet orange squashes were destined to be roasted for soups. We are certain you will enjoy the sweetness they lend to the soup, however our secret recipe calls for a little spice spiking. Don’t worry, it involves literally no extra effort, so you can still get it done in time for your favourite TV show. (We don’t want you to miss your daily scoop of My Kitchen Rules after all!)

Recipe here.


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Classic Mushroom

Mushroom soup is one of the most compassionate meals you can serve on winter nights. Rich, indulgent and earthy, it will easily become one of your go-to meals of the season, thanks to the umami flavour from mushrooms which will have you hooked in seconds. We truly believe soups are one of the most purest and emotional foods you can make, it’s not just chuck in the pot kind of thing and this soup demonstrates that. So, when you are feeling particularly hungry and happy, get out your apron and clean those mushrooms and we assure the end result with be magical.

Recipe here.


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Classic Italian minestrone can give anyone a run for their money. Hearty and wholesome, it’s loaded with pasta, vegetables and meat. To top off, the aromatic stock incorporates all these flavours as it cooks, making it rich yet light to eat. Best part about minestrone is making it your own! While we are giving you a fairly detailed recipe to follow, don’t hesitate to switch in or out vegetables you have available, add flavours you like and just enjoy while cooking. Bellissimo!

Recipe here.


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Celeriac Soup With Roasted Hazelnuts

This root vegetable soup represents everything we want to eat/slurp in winters. If you achieve a consistency between puree and broth, we assure it will be one of the most stellar things you eat this season. An easy vegetable to overwork, give yourself a tap on the back from our side if you don’t turn it into a sludge! Not to be nutty but an addition of roasted hazelnuts will make you go bananas over it, so don’t hold back.

Recipe here.


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How can we go through winters without pho! This Vietnamese noodle soup is our most cherished dish and the only reason we look pho-ward (sorry, we just couldn’t help it) to those chilly nights and bear with the crisp wind hitting our faces. Since, beef/buff is a very hot protein and not always recommended in Delhi heat this is our chance to go all out and stuff our mouths with it. Infused with Vietnamese flavours, we say bring it on!

Recipe here.

So, which soup are you warming up today?

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