From Turmeric Lattes To Matcha Madness: The Biggest Food Trends Of 2016

The post-Christmas hangover has finally worn off and it’s time to prep for the big NYE. As we Keep Calm & Feast On during the last week of the year (rekindling friendship with fitness from January 1, promise!), it feels only right to tip our hats to the tipples & bites that kept us company for all the smashing times through 2016.

From the makeover of ‘Haldi Doodh’ into ‘Golden Shake’ to Matcha madness taking over everything edible, when it comes to food trends this year’s kept our forks up with a surprise every few weeks. So before we bid adieu to this year, it’s time to whip out Stevie’s monocle and take a look at the most interesting food trends that won 2016.



Matcha Madness

The green tea powder caught everyone’s attention in 2015 with its superior flavour and health benefits. Shade grown and stone-ground, matcha is made using only the leaves of the plant, no stems and veins, making it carry as many as 137 more antioxidants than regular green tea. Come 2016 and this superhero of teas moved beyond the teacup to smoothie bowls, macarons, doughnuts, energy bars, popsicles, waffles…yep, almost everything that can be made in a kitchen! We suspect this matcha craze may have even contributed in deciding the latest PANTONE Colour of The Year. With proven versatility and a thumbs up from the well-being department, the trend seems here to stay, with the new year getting its matcha on!



Avocado Toast

The good guys are here. Popular yet so nice to everyone, avocados are the example you’d like your children to follow. Avocado toast has been 2016’s go-to power meal, and for good reason, apart from tasting amazing this buttery fruit packs quite a health punch – full of monounsaturated fats which help lower cholesterol & heart disease. Add to that super easy to make and you know why avocado toast won 2016. If your instagram feed doesn’t have at least two dedications to this yum-tum, you gotta keep up mate.



Miso Happy

This fermented soybean paste has long been a universal favourite for soups & ramen bowls. Rich and savoury in taste, it lends that deep umami flavour to any dish to which it is added – no surprise then why it’s exploded over the culinary scene, moving beyond Asian fare. 2016 saw diners exclaim ‘miso happy!’ more often, with the paste taking over pizzas, cocktails, desserts, tacos, salads, burgers, marinades, and more. Experiments with the multitalented miso have only just started, with many new dishes waiting to be explored in the new year, and we’re not complaining!



Turmeric Latté

Yep, you read that right. Don’t choke on your haldi doodh, after all it’s taken stage on the global trends scene. Turmeric latte aka golden shake is the latest to join ghee, homemade yogurt, coconut oil etc. as the world’s discovery of centuries-old Indian health food. An all-rounder when it comes to health benefits (it’s claimed it cures anything from cough to cancer) and a visual treat, this drink rose up the charts in no time to dominate 2016. Nut milks+turmeric juice, iced lattes infused with honey or the the traditional way – how would you like your golden shake?



Food Deliveries

Food deliveries had been gaining momentum for sometime, but 2016 was when they finally arrived. From smartphone apps to specially curated menus for deliveries, getting food delivered has grown beyond calling the local guy to bring home the regular order. Coffee, desserts, sushi, late night munchies, gourmet spreads, health drinks – restaurants are going the extra mile to create an experience for their patrons inside their homes. This is the one trend we’re pinning our hopes on to continue in the capital beyond 2016!



Cold Pressed Juice & Nut Mylk

With the world taking a collective step towards healthy, fresh, and raw foods, cold pressed juices & nut mylks have been its flag bearers in 2016. The juices are made using high pressure processing (HPP) and no exposure to heat, making them retain all the nutrients you’ll find in the fruit itself; which helped them not only replace the regular juices but also double up as juice cleanses which are actually healthy. The nut mylks are not far behind with their less fat content, no lactose, and more calcium, filling up 2016’s bottle of health drinks while keeping it tasty.




This wheel of Swiss cheese has certainly driven the world in the right direction. Stacked atop special raclette grills, this cheese is kept melted & ready to be poured on your plate. From charcuterie, to meat, to potatoes and veggies, this cheese made with cow’s milk has the power to take any dish to the next level. Though the world’s love for melted cheese is as old as the world itself, the raclette trend owes its recognition to 2016 when people couldn’t wait to drown their platters in this this reverse fondue.



Freak Shakes

With health & fitness channeling the major food trends of 2016, a cheat shake is well deserved. Monster shakes aka Freak shakes bring together milkshakes & desserts and are the perfect indulgence for ‘em sweet tooth cravings. Making the world’s childhood dreams come true these shakes happily take on any topping you desire – cupcakes, doughnuts, peppermint candy, m&m, pretzels, whole chocolates, waffles, macarons – you just have to name it. From how they look to how they taste, these shakes define the word sin, and have given 2016 just the sugar rush it needed.


Will any of these make it to 2017? While the jury’s out on that, we can’t wait to find out the food trends that’ll be taking over kitchens in the new year.

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