Quality Meats For your Winter Feasts this season

Winter has set in, our grandma-made sweaters are out, everything is beautifully decorated, F&F are coming together and we’re looking forward to the extravagant spreads the season brings. A winter feast ain’t complete till you got ‘em meats on the table. And getting quality meats is not always a simple feat, especially when you are on the clock. MasterChef contestants are not the only ones racing against time, with tasks like shopping, cooking and setting the table, preparing a feast is always a scramble (we almost feel like a superhero for arranging it!). We’re making meat shopping a whole lot easier for you with our list of the top online and brick & mortar stores where you’re sure to get ace products. No need to hop from market to market, this list will meet all your meat needs!



Boasting of highest quality meats and seafood, LionFresh has quickly gained popularity across the capital. Their clean simplistic packaging, freshness of the meats, variety and quality are just a few reasons to give it a try. The Chicken Champagne Ham, British style bacon, Pork Smoked & Pork Heritage ham are some stellar options to elevate any dinner table. The Norwegian salmon fillets are ideal for a romantic Christmas Eve dinner. Crispy skin, soft flaky fish and a lemon dill sauce will definitely earn you that last bite of dessert. Pair it with a Pinot Noir- its fruit character and earthy tones will enhance the herb flavour, making it an exemplary match.

However, a winter brunch table needs its centrepiece and what’s better than a tender pork belly to make everyone belly-happy? Imported from UK, it is available without rind and frozen, highly recommended for braising and sliced cooking. Our heart lies in braising this beautiful piece of pork intact and indulging in a lil self praise by shredding it on the table as everyone sees how well it is cooked! After all, braising is the best way for allowing the quality to shine, while infusing the meat with flavours. We are all about respecting the ingredient.

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Recipe For Braised Pork Belly


Good To Go Store

Supplying meat and seafood to some of the ace restaurants across Delhi NCR, including The Oberoi and Hyatt, we have a sense of satisfaction about their quality. Making the industry go loco with their fare, Good To Go finally came into the retail sector bringing their A-grade meat selection to our tables. We’re also fans of the array of fish they offer. Everything from river sole, singhara, surmai, tilapia, rohu, fresh sole, basa and pomfret is available in different cuts. A fish pie seems like a good idea to ease the nerves before the big feast, so put those kitchen skills to use and treat yourself a day before everyone comes over!

Prawns may not make a regular appearance on winter party menus, but sass them up a little and they serve as a great accompaniment to your basic salad. They may even pave the way for all weight watchers to skip red meat altogether! These barbecued prawns can slyly steal the spotlight on christmas night by keeping it simple.

Image: delicious.com.au

Recipe For Sticky Barbecued Prawn Salad


Artisan Meats

A venture by Chef Meherwan Bawa, Artisan Meats has captured everyone’s attention with handcrafted sausages using 100% real meat and an all-natural encasing. The fact that it contains no offal and gizzard is just another reason to love his meats. Sausage-making is an art lesser known and appreciated, but Chef Bawa is changing that with his fusion-inspired unique flavours! If you’re hosting a NYE get-together at home, their Bacon jam and Whole Smoked Chicken will come to your aid as a quick-cook saviours.

The Romano and Manchego cheese pork sausage along with smoked spicy pork chorizo are enough to substitute a roast. The robust flavours and heartiness of red meat in these sausages will do a good job of spreading Christmas cheer! However, if you want to step up your sausage game go for puff pastry sausage rolls, which will allow these handmade sausages to shine along with your kitchen skills.

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Recipe For Sausage Rolls


The Altitude Store

Eating organic is carving its way as a lifestyle among Delhi peeps and The Altitude Store is here to help us. Serving everything organic they have an extensive selection of meats, majorly sourced from Gayatri Farms in Chhattarpur. If you are a meat enthusiast, you ought to visit them in person but with the festive time crunch it’s best to pre-order online or call. The whole chicken with skin is great for a sweet smoky barbecue if you’re hosting a large group, or opt for duck breast in case you planning an intimate dinner with lesser guests.

Finally, a Christmas dinner needs a full roast turkey to get ‘em festive feels rolling. If you missed out on Thanksgiving, this is your chance for salvation. A well-cooked and flavourful turkey will have your guests raving about it till next year, and you’ll be on top of the post-Christmas leftover binge game!

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Recipe For Roast Turkey



Nestled in the tony lanes of Jor Bagh, Steakhouse has been making our festive season more jolly since 1963 with gourmet products and stellar service. All products are approved for both quality and taste by the owner, Shenker himself. Setting a benchmark for all things food, they have a plethora of cheeses brought from all over the country, so a cheese fondue sounds about right for Christmas Eve dinner as we sit around the bonfire and roast some s’mores. Their meat products are prepared in-store and sourced from a farm who supplies just to Steakhouse. The owner vouches the chicken are corn-fed and free-range, making it a holly jolly christmas!

Get a slab of ham for your dinner table centrepiece if turkey isn’t your kind of meat. A beautifully roasted piece of ham, carved on the table is what this season is about! Glazed with marmalade and caramelised to seal the flavour, it is ideal to showcase your kitchen skills without taking on a whole lot of work (superhero’s need a break too)!

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Recipe For Roasted Ham


That covers our winter feast table meat selection, not without roasted potatoes and cranberry sauce, of course! What about yours?


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