5 Fun Drinking Games To Get Your Christmas Party Started

‘Tis the season to be jolly and nothing brings more joy to the DSSC world than having a ball with our favourite peeps. What truly gets us in the festive mood is a glass (or four) of Christmas tipples and raising the spirits of our besties. Raising their spirits with spirits! The sure-shot way to amp up your Christmas party and make it the talk of the town are DSSC recommended Seasonal Tipples Tournaments, aka Christmas Drinking Games. Here’s all you need to know:


Make it stick

Tipsy Potential: High

What you need: Lots of Christmas bows, about 10-20 for each of your guests.

What you have to do: Hand out the Christmas bows to all the guest. They must then surreptitiously stick the bows on the backs of the other party guests. If they get caught doing it, the bow doesn’t count. Give everybody 30-45 minutes to go around doing this and then for every bow on your back, you must take a shot!


 Jolly Melody

Tipsy Potential: Medium

What you need: One shot for everyone, and refills!

What you need to do: Make everyone get together with a shot in their hand. One person will pick their favourite Christmas song or carol and sing the first line. The next person has to say the next line and so on. The first person to mess up enjoys their shot. Start a new song after that and keep refilling those shot glasses!


I’m going to the North Pole

Tipsy Potential: Medium

What you need: Just alcohol

What you need to do: This a fun memory game that’s bound to get people merry. Everyone has to share what they want from Santa Claus for Christmas but they need to remember what gifts were asked for previously. For example, first person in the group starts by saying “I’m going to the North Pole to meet Santa and I want a bicycle ”. Then the next person would add on their present- “I’m going to the North Pole to meet Santa and I want a bicycle and an iPhone 7” and so on till someone forgets and has to take a shot!


Image: cheatsheet.com

Drink if

Tipsy Potential: High

What you need: Our list of ‘Drink if..’ and make sure everyone’s glasses are topped off before you start!

What you need to do: Gather everyone around for the a quick & merry round of ‘Drink if’. Read out the statements and if it holds true for anyone, they must drink!

  1. Drink if you’re wearing red
  2. Drink if you packed the gift yourself
  3. Drink if you said ‘Merry’ is the last half hour
  4. Drink if Rudolf is your favourite reindeer
  5. Drink if you put an ornament on the Christmas tree
  6. Drink if you’re wearing white
  7. Drink if you have some Mulled Wine in your hand
  8. Drink if you can’t name five of Santa’s Reindeers
  9. Drink if you’re wearing a muffler
  10. Drink if there’s a Christmas Tree at the party


Naughty & Nice

Tipsy Potential: High

What you need: A deck of cards

What you need to do: Keep the deck of card face down and each person picks up a card at their turn. If it’s a Red card, they must take a sip of their drink; if it’s a Black card, they have the option of being Naughty or Nice. If they’re naughty, they’ll pick another person to take a glug, and if they’re nice they pour some of their own drink into the communal cup. If someone draws an Ace, irrespective of the colour, they have to down the communal cup!

What you need for all the x-massy games:

  1. Lots of alcohol
  2. A designated driver

Now go forth & be merry!


Featured Image Courtesy: mtlblog.com