DSSC Recommends: Our Picks Of The Top Al-Fresco Restaurants In Delhi

It’s that time of the year again! The hot summer is waving goodbye and Delhi winter is running late as usual-leaving us with Mr. Perfect, Autumn. Cool but not too chilly, sunny but not too warm, this flawless weather is our favorite time to go al fresco. We have our secret spots marked, but decided it’s time to share our most loved en plein airs with you and spread some supper love!

So, whether it’s for a special occasion or just to add a zest to life’s schedule, visit these ace bars and restaurants for drinks in one hand and food in other as wind blows through your hair, leaving you renewed with energy!

Public Affair, Khan Market

Public Affair
PC: public-affair.in

This plush Peruvian cocktail bar is spread over two floors and is decorated with eccentric artwork. We headed to the open terrace adorned with a fountain centrepiece and a fetching chandelier to complement it, to be seated in a quaint corner while the soft winds blew on our faces. Their wild salmon and truffle ceviche won our hearts with robust flavours and elegant styling. However, it was the deconstructed lemon tart which we couldn’t stop taking our spoons off of. The sour lemon custard, with sweet blow torched meringue and crushed crumble was everything we needed in one spoonful.

Their mixed drinks menu shows the journey of cocktail making through time, beginning with old classics to the modern times, it was intriguing to say the least. Their alluring sparkling wine concoction walk of fame with raspberry and peach sorbet was the perfect accompaniment to pair with our meal.

This affair is one to last, and you may just catch us perched at their terrace working our way through their array of mean cocktails!

Tian – Asian Cuisine Studio, ITC Maurya

Tian - Asian
PC: Tian-Asian, Zomato

Tian is one of the finest and most innovative restaurants in the city offering a gourmet experience for your senses. As we headed to the rooftop, the red undertones and the assuasive golden glow in the ambience created a perfect ‘Asian’ echo

Once we chose their eight-course menu, we knew we were in for a ride! Each dish was constructed with unique flavours and served with extraordinary presentation, appealing not only to the palate but also the eyes. It was the green thai curry and #nofilter dessert that truly wowed us with complexity of flavours and attention to intricate details. Such an avant-garde meal ought to be paired with something equally sophisticated, a need met by their methodically assimilated wine selection, making Tian evenings more win(e)some than ever.

Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge

Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge
PC: The Indian Express

An outdoor bar with a one-of-a-kind view of Qutub Minar and a backdrop of Delhi’s skyline, Dramz had us mesmerised as soon as we arrived. The laid back atmosphere, comfort seating and wicker furniture gave us some serious vacation vibes! They have a special upper deck open for large groups where you can capture some unforgettable memories to sass up your Instagram store.

Their extensive drinks menu contains a whisky selection unparalleled to any other restaurant in the city. So, after choosing an endearing smoky-peaty lagavulin from their sizeable menu, we relished some cheesy jalapeño poppers to fill our stomachs. You can also try their North Indian dishes for the main course, before ending it with refreshing gulkand ice-cream.

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

Lodi - The Garden Restaurant
PC: sewara.com

Located amidst the concrete jungle, Lodi has a relaxed vibe with lush green surroundings and beautifully decorated outdoor seating. Upon arrival, the soulful music, cobblestone floor and birds chirping had an instant soothing effect on us. Ideal for a candlelight dinner or a lazy brunch, the restaurant has it covered for you.

Our al fresco meal began with a light, refreshing sewara greens salad and ended with the indulgent almond pudding floating in warm toffee sauce, topped with their signature homemade fig ice cream. Each meal was paired with wine and sparkling cocktails. You can also try their special seasonal menus curated by the chef, highlighting the creativity and simplicity achieved through fresh produce.

Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen
PC: olivebarandkitchen.com

One of Delhi’s most romantic restaurants, Olive is known for introducing intriguing offerings to their menu. The white walled ambience is simplistically modern and transported us to the scenic Greek town of Santorini. The outdoor seating is shadowed by two towering trees, keeping us cool even on sunny days.

We were completely bowled over by the soufflé and  sangria. Acing the game of food styling, their presentation, inspired by the ingredients and theme breathtaking. We still dream about that indulgent cheese and pumpkin soufflé every time someone says cheese!

QLA, Mehrauli

PC: India Trending Now

We headed to QLA for a warm cosy dinner and as we were seated on the simplistic wooden tables with candlelight glowing in the centre. Soft breeze, live music and a ravishing Qutub Minar view, we had enough treats on our platter even before the food arrived.

While we opted for wood oven baked seafood marinara pizza paired with a chardonnay, our friends decided to go for  scallops and leeks. Pan-seared scallops with smoked duck breast, gave some tough competition to the pizza, but ended up in a tie in the ‘best dish’ category.!

Grappa – Shangri La’s – Eros Hotel

PC: stickmantribe.com

The outdoor seating with wooden furniture, topiaries and a beautiful garden- our fave spot in Grappa is fixed for all times to come! The cocktails here definitely steal the show with unique twists. The Brazil Negroni was a crowd pleaser along with the walnut infused bourbon, Indian Sour. While we enjoyed the excellent concoctions, lamb piccata with coriander pesto accompanied those perfectly.

So, choose your poison and head over for a rejuvenating drink.

Sync up your party season with our selection of al frescos, and you’ll be thanking us from rooftops (yep, we’re considering a career as comedians).

Featured Image Courtesy: olivebarandkitchen.com