These Top DSSC Tips Are All You Need For A Smashing Party

With just a few weeks to go before we welcome the party season with open corks and warm puddings, it is time to get those party tricks out and dust & polish them until they shine. October through December (read Diwali up till NYE) Delhi’s party scene is buzzed as a bee. The spell of this time of the year brings out the best host in all of us, with a zeal to throw the most smashing party of the season.

We wholeheartedly support this type of healthy competition! While you give new twists to your fave tried & tested modus operandi, take cue from these quirky DSSC party tips to race ahead in the game, and host soirees like your friends have never seen before.


Make Some Noise!


While we all scamper to update playlists for every party mood, from a dance rave to a laid-back scene, there’s no denying that we end up with similar jingles at every other do. Repeats of classics and season favourites are never enough, but the Club believes in going beyond the usual, and so we say- make your own music! Yep, you read that right. Music is the backbone of any get-together, so pack that extra punch in your party by reinventing how to belt out those tunes.

Gather around some items in the house, like pots & pans, cutlery, stationery etc., hand over these articles-cum-musical instruments to your guests and ask them to join you in strumming up your own symphonies! Who hasn’t gone about banging on household objects as a child? Your own bohemian band might just unravel the hidden percussionist in your friends!

Mr. S says go the extra mile by handing out copies of lyrics so everyone can sync up, and be ready with acoustic versions of some all time fave songs of your squad. Not to mention, an on the spot karaoke session never fails! It is sure to get everyone to mingle, and have them leave with some super fun memories!


Shake Things Up 



We’ve had you amp up your music game, it’s time for a dance renaissance as well! All parties have the dance scene split into three categories- guests firing up the dance floor, those who sit it out while nursing their drink, and few who’re killing it in their minds but are too hesitant to hit the floor.

But we at DSSC do not believe in danceism (with so many ‘-isms’ cropping up, we’re sure you get this one). We like to shake things up when it comes to shaking a leg, and bring everyone together. You’ve got the music, you’ve got the dance floor, you probably even have a friend who did a summer course in Disc Jockeying to be the DJ for the night. Add a professional choreographer to this, Stevie says! Have a dance instructor come in for an improvised session, you can start with a 30-minute stretch and keep going as you like.

Pre-decide the mood of your gathering and go with one dance style, or go all extemporaneous and have a mash up of Salsa, Bollywood, Zumba, Kathak, et al. Not only is it going to be one of the most fun dance parties of all times, it helps break ice like none other and bring your guests closer!

Forget the Q-tip and the Shower routine, it’s time to pirouette and demi-pointe!


One Party, Different Venues


Around the world in 80 days- how about around the world in 80 minutes? As this season has us all shuttling around Delhi from one get together to another, gift your guests some relief by letting them travel the world at one destination.

Prep separate rooms or set up areas, each characteristic of different countries. Have each of these rooms serve that country’s iconic drink & snacks, say Germany has beer and frankfurters, Mexico has tequila and tacos, Japan has sakei and sushi …you get the drift!

Level up by giving the rooms a makeover, turn it into a bistro, a pub, a fast food counter and more; and if you’re really feeling it then place indoor-sized installations of each country’s famous monuments in their respective rooms. Now when your guests arrive, hand them personalised passports and have your maître d’immigration help them visit the countries of the world! This sui generis party is gonna bump you up on the list of Best Hosts Ever in no time!


Now that you’re set to put together soirees like your friends have never seen before, we’ll be expecting an invite soon!


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