Food-Mood Emergency? Our selection of the coolest food delivery companies to come to your aid!

Who doesn’t love their comfort zone? One of the most coveted comfort zones is having just the kind of food you want, whenever you want it, and wherever you want it. And the city’s food delivery landscape is evolving every day to make sure we get to enjoy just that!

Coming a long way from the generic Chinese, Indian, Pizza and Burger deliveries, food delivery outlets are curating specialised menus and trying their best to have us spoilt for choice. They seem to follow the ‘you name it, we’ve got it’ motto rather religiously. And we don’t want them to stop anytime soon!

Gourmet food, healthy grub, quick bites, late night cravings, desserts, juices…it might take a while to get you acquainted with ALL kinds of food delivery outlets serving Delhi. Meanwhile, we do have a few outlets, which have a smiley drawn in front of their names in our secret diary, whose treats we’d like to share with you!

Asian Haus

A game changer in Delhi’s food delivery business, Asian Haus was one of the first to realise the importance of end-to-end experience in the field. The dishes were no longer plopped in uniform plastic containers, they were instead safely packed as required for each separate dish, ensuring there are no leaks or breaks. Not just the presentation, they make sure their food too puts a smile on your face every time! Having perfected the art of combining Indian tastes with authentic Pan-Asian cuisine, they make sure your taste buds relish the authentic flavours, but aren’t too alien for your palate at the same time. Their Baby Pak Choy is everyone’s baby, the Spicy Basil Minced Chicken is our very own go-to dish and the Prawn Har Gau & Thai Red Curry are all time specials. Accompany these with Japanese Fried Rice and Cantonese Noodles, or go for the Hawker Rice & Noodles for that Indian zest!

Dial up: Call them on +91 555800100, from 12 pm to 4 am.

Sushi Haus

Accio Sushi! Haven’t we all prayed for such a spell to exist? It looks like the Asian Haus guys heard our prayers and gifted us Sushi Haus! Taking on from Asian Haus, they decided to extend their magic with Sushi. As the city’s Sushi trend turned into a classic choice over time, Sushi-at-your-doorstep was definitely the need of the hour, and our trusted Haus stepped in. They send over the little love rolls (Sushi, duh!) in cute boxes, and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients as soon as you pop one in your mouth. We love their variety- Nigiri, Maki, Sashimi & Signature Rolls; they have a whole lot of vegetarian options too, and a separate healthy menu as well! Our all-time-Sushi award is shared by the Ebi Maki, the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll and the Edamame California Roll, though experimenting across their menu makes us happiest!

Dial up: Call them on +919555400100, from 12 pm to 4 am.

Baking Bad


I Am The One Who Knocks. And knock they do, not just on your door, but Baking Bad knocks over your tastes too! Spreading some eternal pizza love across Delhi (and soon Gurgaon too), these guys happily serve your favourite disc-shaped delights day and night. You can make your own pizza, taking your pick from their gazillion toppings, or go for any of the classics, or of course go the DSSC way and order both. Not too hungry but need that yum in the tum? You don’t have to ask for a whole pizza, they deliver slices too! To make your pizza adventures more fun, Baking Bad whips up some finger-licking sliders & sides – add that bacon jam to your list! They’ve surely spent a lot of time in the lab with the Heinsberg, it being the city’s best-loved pizza! ‘Honey, It’s Bacon!’ is another regular for us, just the same exploring the world of make-your-own pizza is always a good choice.

Dial up: Call them on 011-49052060 & +919999477626, from 12 pm to 4 am.



Living the fast life in the Millennium City can mean skipping meals often. Enter Joocy – offering dishes from all over the world, their breakfast and lunch menu is bound to have you hooked! They have a fixed menu, which they rotate regularly and keep in sync with the season’s produce-making sure they only deliver food with the optimum taste. So while their Mango Pancakes had Gurgaon drooling all of summer, the Nutella French Toast Roll Up is the new kid on the block. From Butter Chicken Rice to the Korean Chicken Bulgogi, you can literally enjoy world cuisine without even stepping out. Sort your weekly meal plan by taking your pick from their well-curated menu.

Dial up: Call them on +919999202299, from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

Fresh Brew Co


How many times do you feel like having that perfect cuppa joe right in front of you, but without the fuss of going outside? With the delivery business’ focus being on food, having just a beverage at your doorstep was only a dream. But that’s in the past! The city’s seen a rise in the exclusively drinks-delivery outlets, and our vote goes to Fresh Brew Co. With 13 different varieties of coffee on offer, they have us falling in love with Mr. Joe all over again. Sourcing their coffee from top Indian estates like Chikmagalur, they strive to serve artisan coffee in the comfort of your home. Along with brews, you can also get that caffeine fix by ordering their Nespresso capsules. The Cold Brews have us going back to them ever so often, and curling up with a hot cup of their French roast, Dhara, is our happy place!

Order here: Place your orders at


Ordering-in and a change from home cooked food is always exciting. But the slight guilt of piling on calories certainly dampens that excitement. Eatonomist to the rescue! They bring to the table  ever-so-delicious meals, sans the unhealthy part. You can devour cheesy lasagnas, Dhansak and Keema Pao without thinking of the gym hours you’ll need to clock in later-because you won’t need to! They’re ace at serving your favourite dishes in a healthy avatar, and refresh their menu frequently so you always have something new to look forward to. Thinking of their Fish Moilee & Lemon Rice only makes us wish they start delivering beyond Gurgaon soon!

Go ahead, economise your indulgence with Eatonomist!

Order here:  Place your orders at

Minus 30

bowl-minus30.coLife is incomplete without dessert, and so would be this round-up of our fave delivery outlets. Minus 30 is made with much love, with a lot of thought behind each flavour, and the artisan ice creams are free of any artificial ingredients. At the DSSC headquarters often one of us is found sneaking a bite or two of the Bailey’s or Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter flavours. Taking innovation seriously, Minus 30 guys will gladly whip up sugar-free & lactose-free versions for you, they also offer to create a special flavour just for you-if you have one in mind and, if you’re hosting they’ll help pair up flavours with your food menu. Cherry on the sundae, these are healthy variants, so no whoop for two scoops! Did someone say ice cream heaven? We can’t wait for them to smile at our door again!

Dial up: Call them on +9198710 28888.

Next time you have a food-situation, you know the right places to turn to! (We accept thanks in the form of food goodies).