Drinking coffee comes with health benefits!

Coffee is the go-to morning drink or the choice of drink for social or official meetings for many. But it has various health benefits as well. Some are obvious, others you may not be aware of. Our fellow coffee-lover, Team FitNut bring to you the relevant health benefits of coffee for you and your fitness journey!

Improves mood and energy levels

Caffeine helps increase dopamine (the feel good chemical) in the brain. This creates a stimulant effect which improves mood, energy levels (great for workouts and motivation) and various brain functions. This is why you feel ready for the day if you are a morning coffee drinker.

Helps in burning fat

Caffeine is one of very few natural substances proved to help in burning fat. Studies show that caffeine increases the metabolic rate by 3-11% by increasing energy expenditure, speeding heart rate and jump starting the release of free fatty acids in your bloodstream. Metabolism plays a big role in fat burning and coffee can be the essential boost you need to burn more fat!


Boosts physical performance

Caffeine improves energy levels and therefore better prepares you for the workout ahead. It is a great pre-workout drink that increases adrenaline in the blood and pumps you up so you can push yourself harder. Try a shot of black coffee around 10-15 minutes before your next workout and see how it boosts your performance.

Protects your liver

The liver is a really important organ which performs many essential body functions. It is also easily affected by many common diseases that can eventually lead to Cirrhosis. This disease causes the liver to stop functioning due to long term damage. Coffee can protect you from this dangerous disease and studies show that consumption of coffee reduces the risk of getting cirrhosis by 80%!


Defense Against Diabetes

The total number of Diabetes cases in India as of 2015 between the age group of 20-79 was 69.19 Million. This study discovered that long-term coffee drinkers had a significantly lower risk of getting type-2 diabetes. These stats also indicated that the risk decreased with the more coffee the participants drank. Obviously you must remember to cut out the sugar!

The health benefits of coffee are extensive, but it is important to remember that if you have high cholesterol, you are pregnant or younger than the age of 16, you should watch your consumption. Also, if you are sensitive to caffeine it may be a good idea to limit your consumption so that you aren’t tossing and turning at night. Green tea may be a good option in that case.


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